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Winter Storm Kori to Bring an Ice Storm to the Northwest, More Feet of Sierra Snow and California Rain

By Linda Lam
January 17, 2017

Yet another round of mountain snow, ice and heavy rain is ahead for the West.

Winter Storm Jupiter's Icy, Snowy Mess Spreads Into the Northeast Through Wednesday

January 17, 2017

Winter Storm Jupiter will continue to snarl travel early this week.

Alaska to Plunge into Frigid 40s Below Zero This Week

By Brian Donegan
January 17, 2017

Some of the coldest air of this winter season will engulf Alaska this week.

Widespread January Thaw Gripping the Central, Eastern States Through the Weekend

By Brian Donegan
January 17, 2017

Mild temperatures will grip the eastern half of the nation much of this week.

Inauguration Day 2017 May Be Among the Warmest and Wettest

January 17, 2017

An incoming low-pressure system may bring rainy weather to Washington D.C. this Friday.

Deadly Winter Storm Jupiter Closes Schools in Omaha; Pileup Reported in Quad Cities

By Sean Breslin
January 16, 2017

Ice from Winter Storm Jupiter reached dangerous levels in the Plains and Midwest. Here's the latest.

Atmospheric River to Bring a Mess of Snow, Ice, Flooding Rain to the West; More Icy Concerns for Portland, Oregon

By Linda Lam
January 16, 2017

Yet another round of mountain snow, ice and heavy rain is ahead for the West.

A Few Severe Storms Possible in the South Monday Night After Tornadoes, Flooding Struck Near Dallas-Fort Worth Sunday Evening

By Brian Donegan
January 16, 2017

The chance of severe storms spreads east in the South Monday night.

Kyrgyzstan Cargo Plane Crashes in Foggy Conditions, Kills Dozens

January 16, 2017

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear. An emergency officials says it was foggy when the plane came down.

Storms Damage More Than 30 Homes Near Dallas, Topple Trees Near Houston, Spawn Tornadoes

By The Associated Press
January 16, 2017

Storms rolling through east Texas are packing wind gusts, large hail and a few tornadoes. Here's the latest.

Refugees in Europe Stranded in Life-Threatening Cold; At Least 5 Dead

By Eric Chaney
January 16, 2017

At least five migrants have died in Europe as temperatures plummet.

Enjoy Winter Watersports on the West Coast

By Holly Zynda
January 16, 2017

December may not evoke visions of sun and surf for most of the nation, but out on the West Coast, watersports know no season — the ocean is open year round, all it takes is a little preparation.

Where Freezing Rain Accumulations Are Most Common in the U.S.

By Jonathan Belles
January 15, 2017

Here's where freezing rain and ice storms occur the most often and why.

Chiefs-Steelers NFL Divisional Playoff Game Pushed Back by Winter Storm Jupiter

By Jon Erdman
January 15, 2017

For the fourth time in just over a month, an NFL game in one city may have weather headaches.

Winter Storm Jupiter's Icy Side Hits Plains, Midwest Hard; 4 Killed

By Ryan Phillips, Eric Chaney and Ada Carr
January 15, 2017

Ice from Winter Storm Jupiter is reaching dangerous levels in the Plains and Midwest. Here's what we know.

Severe Storms, Including a Few Tornadoes, Possible in the Southern Plains Sunday

By Brian Donegan
January 15, 2017

South of the ice storm, parts of the southern Plains will have to deal with severe storms.

Second Death Reported On Icy Missouri Roads: Winter Storm Jupiter Knocks Out Power, Glazes Roads in Plains, Midwest

By Eric Chaney and Sean Breslin
January 13, 2017

Ice from Winter Storm Jupiter is already accumulating in the Plains and Midwest.

Interstates Close in Colorado, Wyoming as Jupiter Moves East

By Associated Press
January 13, 2017

Winter Storm Jupiter is tracking east after dumping more than a foot of snow on parts of Oregon and Washington.

How Communities Can Adapt to a Changing Climate

By Sami Grover
January 13, 2017

We’ve seen rapid advances of renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy efficient technologies. And we’ve seen world leaders come to an unprecedented consensus on the need to move toward a low carbon future. Yet the news for those communities on the front lines has gotten worse, not better.

Mudslides, Flooding Reported in Southern California as New Levee Failure Fears Arise in Sacramento County

By Eric Chaney
January 12, 2017

The heaviest rainfall has moved into parched Southern California, creating new hazards after days of flooding to the north.

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From Freezing Rain to Giant Hail, Great Plains Endure An Icy Weekend

By Dr. Jeff Masters
Enero 16, 2017

Freezing rain materialized as expected during the weekend over a large swath of the central U.S., from Texas to Illinois. The ice has been widespread and prolonged, yet the ingredients haven’t come together as they could have for an intense, truly catastrophic ice storm. At least six highway deaths have occurred during the storm, and more than 20,000 customers have lost power in Texas and Oklahoma.

U.S. 24-hour State and City Snowfall Records

By Christopher C. Burt
Diciembre 20, 2016

Winter has descended with a vengeance for much of the nation this December. Although heavy snow has fallen in many areas no all-time snow records have yet been set so far with the exception of Binghamton, New York where a new single-storm snowfall record of 27.6” occurred on November 19-22. However, the city’s 24-hour snowfall record of 23.0” on February 2-3, 1961 was not matched. Here is a brief summary of the greatest 24-hour snowfall records set in each state and at a selection of 70 or so major sites in the U.S.

An extraordinary meteorological event; was one of its results a 1000-year flood?

By Stu Ostro
Octubre 5, 2015

The confluence of meteorological ingredients the first weekend in October 2015 resulted in an extraordinary weather event with severe impacts. Was one of them a 1000-year flood?

Why the Arrest of a Science-Loving 14-year-old Matters

By Shaun Tanner
Septiembre 16, 2015

By now, many of you have heard or read about the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old high school student from Irving, Texas. Ahmed was arrested because school officials called the police after he showed one of his teachers his homemade clock. Mistaken for a bomb, Ahmed was taken into custody, interrogated, shamed, suspended (still on suspension today, Wednesday), and reprimanded. All of this after it has been found that the "device" he brought to school was indeed, a homemade clock.

2013-14 - An Interesting Winter From A to Z

By Tom Niziol
Mayo 15, 2014

It was a very interesting winter across a good part of the nation from the Rockies through the Plains to the Northeast. Let's break down the most significant winter storms on a month by month basis.

What the 5th IPCC Assessment Doesn't Include

Septiembre 27, 2013

Melting permafrost has the potential to release an additional 1.5 trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, and could increase our global average temperature by 1.5°F in addition to our day-to-day human emissions. However, this effect is not included in the IPCC report issued Friday morning, which means the estimates of how Earth's climate will change are likely on the conservative side.

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