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Kitty in the House!

By: palmettobug53 , 1:47 PM GMT en Enero 01, 2012

Greetings and Happy 2012 to everyone! It's the biggest white rabbits X3 month of the year!

Thanks to Sandi, Rob, Pros, Karen, weatheringpoints and ylee for their last posts on my previous thread.

Due to some type of outage here at WU yesterday a.m., I could not make my usual morning post. The rest of the day was very busy. I nodded out in my chair and missed the midnight countdown. I woke up about 12:15, said "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" and crawled off to bed.

It has been almost 2 years since we put Thor down and 1 1/2 since Daisy. We have been pet free since. Though it's been a bit lonely without someone to talk to after Hubby goes to bed, it has been nice not having all the feeding, the litter pan scooping, the cat hair.... Not to mention buying food, litter and, of course, the vet bills. I had not really wanted to get another pet for the foreseeable future.

We always seem to have strays in and out of the neighborhood. Probably attracted by the large number of fast food places nearby. All of them run like blazes when they see or hear you. I have always resisted the urge to put food out for them. If you do that, you have to keep it up and I can't afford to feed every stray within miles.

I've been seeing this white and orange cat flitting around since late summer/early fall. Friday night, he was lingering in the neighbor's carport across the street. He's been doing a lot of that at night, lately. I had taken papers to the recycling bin. I said, "Puss. Puss," like I always do when I see a cat. Instead of hightailing it off, he started walking directly to me, crying and crying. The next thing I knew, he was rubbing around my ankles. I sat on the steps and he climbed into my lap, crying and kneading his paws. I could feel every bone in his body.

That was it. I fed him some warm milk and diced sandwich meat (turkey)..

Yesterday a.m. he was waiting for me when I went out to get the paper.

I scooped him up, brought him inside and fed him again. Got showered, dressed and took him to the vet for shots and checkup.

He is young ( approx 1 to 2 years?), leukemia free, heart/lungs/teeth/ears good. My vet said he is basically healthy except for being underweight. He's only about 5 1/2 lbs. He's already neutered. He has white legs, belly, chest, chin and lower face. The rest is orange tabby. His tail has distinctive looking rings of orange and white. He's shorthaired.

I got all his shots and bought flea meds, though I have to take him back in 3 weeks for a leukemia booster.

As yet, he's unnamed. He's still skittish and hides a lot in the front bedroom closet. Jumps and runs at sudden noises or movements.

Once he does get up the nerve to come out, he's very sweet and loving. He was in my lap for several hours last night and loves being brushed. He even got up in Hubby's lap, loved on him and slept for a while.

The only thing that concerns me is that I'm not sure just how litter trained he is. He had one accident yesterday a.m. before leaving for the vet's. I should have put him in the carrier, as I was getting ready to go.

I've gotten him to use the pan twice by putting him in it. I've checked this a.m. but it doesn't look like he's used it again. I've walked the house, checking for boo-boo's. If he's gone outside the pan, I can't find it. Cross your fingers for me. Hubby doesn't have any patience at all with that sort of thing. I don't like it but I've got a little more patience, as I know it will probably happen a few times, until the light bulb goes on over the cat's head.

I'll just have to watch him closely and keep working with him. I'm hoping that the litter training won't take long. I'm glad I have Monday off. That's an extra day to work with him. If I have to put him in the carrier when I go to work, I'll do it. Hubby can let him out and watch him when he gets home.

So, I'm starting 2012 off with a furry, four legged child. Wish me luck.

Now, we just have to come up with a name. We can't have him as "Cat" on his vet chart forever!

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168. palmettobug53
4:41 PM GMT en Enero 22, 2012
Hello, from a dreary, wet and rather cold Charleston.

So, Gams and Ogal, you're up next, huh? Have fun!

Ylee, you lucky dog. The herd is thinned out before it reaches you!

Karen, I seldom go to Target. For one thing, it's at the mall and I usually avoid the mall at all costs. They do have a separate entrance and I've been in a few times to wander around. I think the only thing I've bought in there was a pair of slippers one time. Maybe I just don't go often enough to get a good feel for the place.

One reason I avoid that mall (the only one near us) is that it is easy to get into but terribly hard to get out of. You can sit there for 15 minutes or more waiting for a break in traffic to pull out. There are three entrance/exits but only one that has a light. Unfortunately it does not have a left hand turn light. The oncoming traffic can be so heavy that you can easily sit through more than a couple of light changes.

Sandi, oh, how I wish I could have lived in England this past couple of weeks! No campaign phone calls? That would be heavenly.

The candidates themselves do not call. The calls are either pre-recorded and are set up to automatically dial numbers in numerical order. Others are made by campaign staff and volunteers.

Hubby said that almost all of the calls he's gotten were the automated type, not a live person. (That's an odd phrase, if you think about it: you seldom hear of anyone getting a call from a dead person!)

Shore? You got EMAILS?! So far, I've escaped that fate. Even if they weren't actual 'campaign' emails but solicitations to help them out, still.....

I even went to the National Do Not Call list and reregistered before I remembered that politicians are excempt from the do not call regulations. I think I need to take that up with my local representative!

Gus' visit to the vet was uneventful. He has gained from 5.13 pounds to 8.75 in three weeks. I have been letting him eat as much as he wants but I'll have to start cutting back soon. I don't want him to get overweight.

I'd been noticing that his hindquarters have seemed a bit wobbly. I thought that perhaps it was from possible muscle atrophy and weakness from being so underweight. He also hasn't been able to hop up on things easily. He tends to half hop and half pull himself up. I've kept an eye on this, thinking that, as he gained weight and strength, it would go away. It has improved some but not a whole lot.

I mentioned this to the vet. She examined his hips/back legs and put him down on the floor to see how he walked. She agreed that I had a good eye; he is somewhat wobbly. He did even get up on the seat in the exam room, so she was able to see how he managed that. It seems that his pelvis is a bit loose and out of whack. Whether this is congenital or the result of some type of trauma, we'll likely never know. He's not in any type of pain. It doesn't interfere with him getting around. Maybe I should have named him Elvis, 'cause he has a swivel in his hips! LOL Nah, he's Gus.

Late yesterday afternoon, I noticed Gus shaking his head and scratching. I figured I'd clean his ears, though they really aren't that dirty inside. As I was doing that, I noticed the tip of his right ear was a bit red and had a couple of small scaly spots. Some of the hair was also missing.

Why or why didn't I spot that before I took him in yesterday a.m.? I could have had the vet look at it and take a skin scraping. It's probably just some ezcema. They can get a minor skin issue and start a vicious cycle. It itches, they scratch, it itches more, they scratch more. If you can break that cycle, minor skin issues can resolve themselves.

I went to PetCo to see if they had any Elimiderm but they didn't. I perused their OTC feline health care products and got some wound care spray. It can be used for cuts, scrapes and abrasions. It is supposed to eliminate bacteria, viruses and ringworm. I figure I'll tend his ear with that, see how it does and if it clears up, good. If not, I'll have to take him back. It is a pump spray and he freaked last night. I'll have to spray cotton balls and use those.

I did manage to get most of my laundry done yesterday. There were a few fraught moments between 12 and 1, when it looked like it would rain any minute but it finally cleared off.

We did get some hard rain last night around 7:00 and it seems like it has been misting rain ever since.

I did get to Walmart for some gas, groceries and I bought Gus a bed. I saw them in Petco on sale for 7.99 but I didn't bite. Walmart's version of basically the same type was 8.97. I placed it on the bed in the front room. He LOVES it. It looks like
this. It will help keep the cat hair off the bed, as well as giving Gus a cozy spot to snooze.

I've finished up two more loads of laundry this morning. I saved the things that could be put on hangers and a clothes rack, as I knew I wouldn't be able to hand anything outside.

It's about time for lunch. I have an idea for a new thread and I'll try to get that up later today.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
167. shoreacres
3:10 PM GMT en Enero 22, 2012
Morning, Bug,

I'm still laughing at Sandi's comment. Not all those phone calls are from automated dialers. I've gotten emails from three campaigns with instructions on how to become one of their phone dialers! I didn't take any of them up on the offer, and now I'm really glad I didn't. I'd hate to be hung up on by you! LOL

I've heard that about belly-up sleeping, too. Sort of like this:

Everything around here is confused, too. We've had record heat and you'd think it's April. At least we're supposed to get some rain again this week - which is the reason I'll be off to work as soon as the dew dries. I got quite a bit done around the house yesterday, and even got some dusting done. It's a darned good thing, too. We were just a little beyond light dust around here. ;)

I do buy shoes online, but only one brand and only one or two models - Sperry boat shoes. Of course, my shoe "wardrobe" is pretty much work boat shoes and dress boat shoes, so there you are. I have a couple pair of Sperry sandals, two pair of "real" flats and a couple of pair of heels, just in case I have to go to a wedding or funeral. In any event, I try and find mine online - usually on ebay. I've got a nice, standard 7M foot, so as long as I'm buying Sperrys there's no question they'll fit, and I often can get a $69 pair of shoes for much cheaper, even with shipping added in.
Which reminds me - it's time to start stocking up again - I'm down to one pair of white. I have to use those or the brown natural leather for work, because the pretty colored ones bleed dye all over your feet when they get wet.

Have a good day - hope that laundry dries nicely for you!

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
166. sandiquiz
8:36 AM GMT en Enero 22, 2012
Honestly, are you telling me that election members can actually ring you up to persuade you to vote for them!!
We usually get the flyers through the door, and may get one doorstep visitor, but they have never rung us up... I think there would be anarchy if they did it here!

Will you please go to post 25 in Beth's blog... I think you must have missed it. I mean it.....honestly :)

Happy Sunday:)

Oh, how did Gus get on at the vets? Does he get in the carrier and truck easier than Thor!! lol
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
165. SBKaren
8:04 PM GMT en Enero 21, 2012
So glad to read that Gus is really settling in. We've got rain today too. We did get out for a morning walk, but it looks like the clouds are moving in again. The sun was actually out when we went on our stroll, and I was kicking myself for not taking my sunglasses...I hate squinting!

I also love Thom Mcan shoes. I have the opposite problem. My feet are wide and big. I wear a size 9W. I have found a good many of my shoes at K-Mart because of the brand they carry. I just don't get up there often enough. I've heard that they are going to be closing many stores, so I'm going to have to find a replacement shoe store! I did find some wide loafer type black shoes for work at Payless. I tried them on and they felt OK, but the true test for me is actually wearing them. I wore them twice this week because it was just too cold for my slip on shoes, and they fit the bill. That always makes me happy. I'll probably have them for years, as I only wear enclosed shoes for a few times during winter!

I've never had much luck finding clothes at Target. Every once in a while I find something, but it's not very often. Does anyone else have this problem? Years ago I used to shop at Target all the time. I'd get the Sunday ad, scroll through it looking at the sale items, then head up to the store, only to find out they were out of the advertised item. This began to happen with such frequency, that I started to turn to Walmart. Target is much closer to me - Walmart is more of a drive. We never even get a Sunday flier in our Sunday paper for Walmart - I guess they figure we are too far away. Anyway, they have a brand, White Stag, that I remember from my childhood days, and I'll occasionally find something in that brand. I have the best luck with tops, not so much with bottoms.

But most the time I shop at Kohl's. We have a local Kohls, I get constant coupons from them, and they always seem to have something that fits the bill.

The last clothing purchase I made was those black loafer shoes and flip-flop replacements. Sometimes I just walk in my closet and think....I really do have enough!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
164. OGal
7:11 PM GMT en Enero 21, 2012

Bug I too am a registered Rep but not happy with the field. I voted absentee ballot for Huntsman. Humm.....not good. I don't like Romeny or Mr. G. Not much of a choice there and now they are coming to Florida. Calgon take me away. Nothing much else to say except Herman Cain 999 is a vote for Colbert. Have a nice weekend with the media leaving you and heading to us. Ugh!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
163. Ylee
7:02 PM GMT en Enero 21, 2012
Hi, bug! Hope your trip to the vet with Gus was successful!

The great thing about living in Ky. is that our primary isn't until late May, when everything is pretty much settled. Having a smaller population with few delegates available helps too! I don't think Obama even campaigned in Ky. in '08. Not sure about that, though.

Chin up, bug! It'll all be over soon! :)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
162. seflagamma
1:22 PM GMT en Enero 21, 2012
Hi Bug, good morning and good luck with taking Gus to the vet today.
Yes, I've heard about when they sleep belly up they feel safe. When Harley was a puppy he use to sleep that way on our bed with us.

Girl I hear you about the primaries. We are both registered Republicans and we have been getting bombarded here in Florida (our primary is next, jan 31st)...
90% of all our phone calls and message are from canidates and like you, my mail box is over flowing with candidates trying to get our vote.
of courses it all goes into recycle bins and we don't even read it!

At least the field is narrowing down a little so no longer getting mail from the ones that have now dropped out.

Anyway, you have a great Saturday!!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
161. palmettobug53
12:28 PM GMT en Enero 21, 2012
Hi, ho, happy Saturday, everyone.

Janet, I've heard that bit about sleeping or lying, belly up, too. I had not heard that old wive's tale about rain when a cat washes his/her face. I guess that's why we are wet here this weekend. Gus just started grooming himself last weekend.

Your apple trees aren't the only things confused. My forsythia has been popping blooms since shortly after Thanksgiving. Not full bloom but scattered blooms. Like you with your apples, I'm hoping that I'll still get the full flush when it is the normal time for it to blossom.

OGal, that is funny! Years ago, we had 3 cats. This was when I was living at home. I'd wake up at night pinned down in bed, with a cat on either side and one on top. Right when I needed to get up and visit Eleanor. However, I've never had to deal with this predicament: Honey, I'm cold. Throw another cat on, would you?

Me and the cat ladies at work really got a kick out of that one.

Well, it's Republican primary day here in SC. Frankly, I'm about fed up with all of 'em and can't wait for it to be over with.

I can live with the TV ads. Makes for good bathroom breaks. But the mail and phones are another thing entirely. GRRRRRRRRRR...........

Our mailbox has been absolutely stuffed with unwanted campaign literature, which goes straight into the recycling bin. (Think about all those trees!)

Both of our phones have been ringing non-stop with those automated campaign recordings. I'll let the stupid phones ring themselves out if I'm home alone. I'm deaf as a post, so it's easier for me to ignore it.

Hubby, on the other hand, has gotten as mad as a hatter. Esp with the ones that call after he goes to bed around 6:00. They don't stop sometimes until 9:00 at night. He starts to doze off and BBBBRRRRINNNGGGGG!!!!

I do my best to leap for the thing, lift the receiver and drop it back before it can wake him up. All the while, hoping that it's not a family member making an emergency call. (I'll answer my text phone about every third ring, just in case. If it is someone important, they will call back.)

God, I hate election years........ Where's Pat Paulsen when you need him?

Which reminds me - Stephen Colbert was home this weekend and at the CofC's Cistern yesterday for his
Rock Me Like A Herman Cain South Cain-olina Primary Rally. It drew quite the crowd, from what I see in the paper this morning.

The polls are open and there'll be crowds out to vote and the campaign mess will move on to the next stop. Hopefully. I don't know if I can take much more of this and Election Day is a loooonnnnggggg way off yet.

Gus and I will be off to the vet shortly for his booster shot and check up. I'm interested to find out how much he weighs now. He's really starting to feel solid. Not like the bag of bones and fur he was three weeks ago.

I'll need to try to get clothes washed and dried, which is going to be tricky with the wet weather. I may need to run them over to the laundromat to dry them.

I need to hit the grocer store for something to cook tomorrow. I don't know yet just what. I might just base my decison on what meats are available at a good price.

Other than hitting the polls, the vet, the grocer and the laundry, the only other things that need doing is just some general household cleaning.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
160. OGal
8:54 PM GMT en Enero 20, 2012

Happy Friday Bug and Gus,

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
159. janetlee
6:53 PM GMT en Enero 20, 2012
so happy to know Gus has gotten so settled in. I've heard when they sleep belly up they feel very safe. I've also heard that when they wash their faces you can expect rain within 5 days. I don't know just how accurate the old wives tale is but so far Snickers has been right every time.
We are having some warmer weather up the coast from you. Our apple trees are so very confused this year. They are into their third blooming so far this winter and thats just since Thanksgiving! I hope they will still have a good crop of apples this summer. They aren't very good for eating but I make some mighty good pies with them. I have no idea what variety they are. One tree was already here when we moved in and the second is a root offshoot. I'm surprised at how good and big those apples are!
Enjoy your week-end!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
158. palmettobug53
5:38 PM GMT en Enero 20, 2012
Happy Friday.

It's been a long, busy week. Most of the staff works later Mon - Thurs, so they can leave shortly before lunch on Fri. So, Fri afternoons in here are a good time to catch up on things. Not as much activity in the office or interruptions.

Warmer weather out there today. The high is supposed to be around 70F. I'll believe it when I leave this afternoon. It was still pretty chilly this a.m.

I think it's supposed to rain off and on most of the weekend. I hope not.

Gus and I had a brushing session last night. He went into ecstasies. Every time I stopped, he grabbed at the brush and rubbed his face against it. He purred and purrred and made starfish paws.

He doesn't know it yet but he has an appt with the vet tomorrow morning. I have to take him in for his feline leukemia booster shot.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
157. palmettobug53
5:30 PM GMT en Enero 19, 2012
Hi, LowerCal. I guess it must have been Mars or another star I was watching. If not, we may be under observation by someone from "Off."

Sandi, hope you enjoy your long lunch with your friend.

Celebrating? Pray tell.

It's sunny today but cooler than yesterday. It was about 34F when I left the house this morning. My new wrap was just the thing!

Busy here today. I had a meeting this morning. That makes two meetings I've had this week. I must be coming up in the office! I hope not; I'd never get my work done, spending my time in meetings.

Gus has relaxed enough to stretch out on the living room floor and snooze. He still stiffens and starts squirming to get down and hide, if you hold him up to a window. Living on the street must really be rough.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
156. sandiquiz
8:00 AM GMT en Enero 19, 2012
A grey sunrise here today, lack of ice in the atmosphere I presume, as the temperature is almost 50 at daybreak!

Hope your Thursday goes well... I am out with my friend, but we are not meeting at the garden centre, we are going to a restaurant. She has taken an extra hour for lunch.... we are "celebrating"!!!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
155. LowerCal
8:58 PM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
Planets and stars appear to move about 360° around the the Earth every 24 hours. That's 1° every 4 minutes. A leafless tree is an excellent gauge for that slow progress. :^)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
154. palmettobug53
5:54 PM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Staff meeting this a.m. While informative, they really do mess up my work schedule!

It’s wet here today. Temps aren’t too bad but it is dreary.

I’m having the Working Girl’s Lunch of cheese on toast and tomato soup.

So many visitors since yesterday.

Ylee, we used to have a good discount shoe store near me but they closed years ago. If there’s one in the area, I have no idea where.

I’m a bit hesitant to order shoes online, free shipping or not. That’s just something I prefer to be able to try on, walk up and down, bounce a bit, etc. before deciding to buy.

LowerCal? If that was Mars, it was moving faster than I think the Earth’s rotation would warrant. It was slow but but you could see it move up past points in the leafless tree, past branches.

Caro, that would be a mess, if they have to reroute around 17.

Shore, I thought of a possible thread during our staff meeting this a.m. No, my mind was not wandering. It was something that was touched on by the featured speaker. I’ll have to do a little research and see if I can come up with enough info to do something with.

Traffic had picked up this morning. Though the wet roads might have had something to do with it. Two drops of rain and all of Charleston stops to watch.

GREAT JOB, GAMS! So that was you doing all that excited hollering I heard from further South that day. They must have had one of those ‘further discount to be taken at the register’ things going on and you didn’t realize it. Don’t you LOVE it when that happens?

I’m glad to hear that you’re finally, finally kicking butt with that cold.

Sandi, Monday was Martin Luther King Day. Most federal, state and county offices were closed. Schools might have been closed, too, for all I know. I don’t pay too much attention to the school schedules.

Because my office is not affiliated with any of the above governments, our managers decided if and when our office will close. Sometimes they don’t make a final decision until the very last minute. It depends, a lot of times, on how cash flow and all that bottom line stuff looks.

About half of us were here Monday. The ones that had taken off were planning on attending the parade or various events in MLK’s honor.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
153. sandiquiz
5:21 PM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
A holiday? Did Linda say it is a holiday? What is it, and are you at work?

If you are, I hope it is going well - I saw you sneaking a look at my showcase when you should have been working!! lol
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
152. seflagamma
4:51 PM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
Hello Bug,
Happy Wednesday to you.
Sounds like you have been shopping the big "After Christmas" Deals..
I got in a few of those myself..

Actually that outfit I had on for the bridal shower last Sunday it is really a top and skirt not a dress under that red sweater...
The top I had from last year.. and it looked great with that "Target" skirt and sweater.
it is amazing how many cute fashionable clothing you can find sometimes at Target.

Walmart has a lot of summer tops; which I go thru a lot of tank tops with all mostly year round warm weather.

And I really lucked out at Nordstorm's Rack (outlet)
I had been looking for 2 weeks for a top that was long enough to cover my hips and thighs over leggings
for New Years Eve. I had the leggings and sweater/jacket..
found a really fancy tank top..
looked at price, $138.00 (designer brand)
I said NO WAY will I pay that for a tank top that must be dried cleaned...
well it was on the 50% off rack.. so that would make it around $70..
and I notieced it was marked down to $48 on a red tag special.....
so I was in a bind and really needed it to go with the New year Eve outfit I wore.. and
I had not found anything that would do
so I "bit the bullett" and went to check out...
Imagine my surprise when it rang up $18!!!!
I got a beautiful $138 designer top for $18!!
now that is a bargin that suited my budet for sure!
And I just soaked it in cold water and mild detergent and hang to dry.. no drying cleaning for me.

That was probably my best "deal for 2012" LOL

glad that Gus is still making himself at home and settling in nicely!!

enjoy your day!

Oh, I am feeling so much better this week. Those antibodics were what I needed to finally kick
that cold and sore throat I had for 3 weeks.
Thanks for all the stopping by and checking on me!!!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
151. seflagamma
4:47 PM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
150. shoreacres
2:32 AM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
When I saw your mention of a new thread, the first thing that came to mind was silent films. Since The Artist won at the Golden Globes, it's of current interest, and probably will do much to spark interest in the old films.

One of my blogging buddies over on wp does mostly books and film - here's her review of The Artist. It's playing here in Houston now, and I'm hoping to see it.

All the traffic's been very light yesterday and today - on the roads and on the blogs. I trotted over to the mailbox yesterday, forgetting it was a holiday. Today, I forgot to go to the mailbox. Sigh. I'm sure there's nothing there but bills, and they'll wait until tomorrow.

The front still hasn't cleared through. I'm hoping it hurries up and dries things out so I can get cracking before 10 o'clock.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
149. carolinagal
1:53 AM GMT en Enero 18, 2012
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, you are right. The area with the sink hole problems is near Hwy 17. At first there was concern about rerouting traffic around part of the highway. Now, that would be a mess.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
148. LowerCal
10:54 PM GMT en Enero 17, 2012
Hello, bug. :^) Sounds like you and Gus have developed a mutually beneficial arrangement - a wake up call for food.

I think you might have spotted Mars alright. Take a look at the following sky chart links for the times you mentioned and see what you think.

Night Sky over Charleston, SC on January 14, 2012 at 10:30pm EST

Night Sky over Charleston, SC on January 16, 2012 at 01:00am EST

The next high and bright International Space Station passes visible from Charleston will be near dawn January 31 through February 4.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
147. Ylee
5:59 PM GMT en Enero 17, 2012
Hi, bug! We go to Joe's New Balance Outlet online for a lot of our shoes. You can get some good deals with free shipping sometimes.
You got a good deal on the Thom Mcans! If we go to one of those shoe places near the mall, they charge out the wazoo for them!

Glad work's been easy for you!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
146. palmettobug53
5:52 PM GMT en Enero 17, 2012
Hi, ho, everyone.

I know most of the federal, state and some county offices/schools may have been closed yesterday for MLK Day and accounted for the light morning commute but it doesn't explain why this morning's traffic was so light.

The workload picked up a good bit today but it is not unmanageable.

I swung by one of my favorite thrifts late yesterday afternoon and found three very nice blouses for 3.49-3.99 each. The material is still crisp and fresh looking, no worn spots or frayed edges. They were along the lines of what I was hoping to get at Dillards Saturday.

After leaving the thrift, I decided to check Kmart, before heading on home. Karen had said she'd found a medium weight jacket there some days ago. Granted, she's on the west coast but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I saw no ladies jackets at all but I did wind up with two pairs of shoes for work.

I don't care much for that particular Kmart. It seems rather run down. BUT they do carry Thom McAn shoes. I can wear a size 5 in that brand. Occasionally, that Kmart will have a pair or two of size 5s. So, I swing in on the way home from work once in a while to see. With it being so hard to find my size shoes at a price I want to pay, if I find some, I usually buy them. It could be a year or more before I stumble across any again.

They had two pair of size 5's. One in black leather, in the style of those Dansko shoes you see nurses wearing. The other pair are brown leather Mary Janes. I tried them on, they fit, they felt heavenly. $25.99 each. I bought.

There are a number of stores here that sell my shoe size but they tend to be expensive. You'd be lucky to find a pair on sale under $100.00, never mind anything in my size.

I can shop for children's sizes but they tend to be too 'little girly' or too trendy. I've done platform shoes; I'm not doing an encore. I also refuse to wear shoes with butterflies or Hannah Montana on them.
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7:06 PM GMT en Enero 16, 2012

Afternoon BUGS, one brother in your neck of the woods, they arrived in NMB Friday afternoon. No report on the golf plans, but can't imagine the links will be safe from them for very long.
Rob hasn't got an appoointment for his Permit yet. The dates they are on the island not known, Donna will keep calling in hopes the limited number of spots has his name on one.
Yes the FIRST GAME a huge success, now great anticipation of the NHL LEGENDS game on Friday, tickets moving well. However procrastination a local trait so expect many tickets will go over the hill the last day or so.
Weather moderating some still chilly at a -7C mid afternoon.
Have a good one.

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144. palmettobug53
5:46 PM GMT en Enero 16, 2012
Hi, Caro.

I see you finally figured out the issue with accessing your blog. That is a bit weird that you can with one search engine but not another.

Ylee, online auctions are something I've never even looked at. Probably a good thing, as I'm sure I'd see lots of "THAT IS SO COOL! I'VE GOTTA HAVE THAT!" things, none of which I need.

Sandi, you just gotta love the internet, don't you? I've never seen anything like that, when I click on links you post.

It's kind of a so-so day here. Things are a bit light, for some reason. I'm sure it'll pick up tomorrow.

The it was nippy this morning but the high is supposed to get up to 61 today. It clouds over for a while, then it clears. Tomorrow, we're supposed to reach a high of 70! Then back down to 50's and 60's for the highs.

I'm trying to come up with an idea for a new thread. We've had the kitty blog up for two weeks now and it's time for a change. Not sure what, though.
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143. sandiquiz
3:44 PM GMT en Enero 16, 2012
I followed Karen's link to see her jacket.... but due to the cleverness of computers today all I got was this!!!!

LOL !!

Hope Monday is going well.
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142. Ylee
8:48 AM GMT en Enero 16, 2012
One thing I like to do at home for kicks is check out auctions online. I'll see something interesting up for auction, then I'll cross-reference it via Google to see what its' normal price is. Every once in a while, I'll bite on a really good deal, but it's rare when I actually bid on something!

Hope your work week starts off well!
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141. carolinagal
1:55 AM GMT en Enero 16, 2012
There is hope for me after all. I immediately remembered how I solved the problem of accessing my blog the last time I tried... I had to log back in from Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome. That's weird, I can access the rest of WU from Google Chrome but not my own blog.

One less excuse for reopening my blog.....
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140. carolinagal
1:52 AM GMT en Enero 16, 2012
Hello. Checking by to catch up a bit. I see Gus is settling in fine. Or maybe it's you that is settling.

There is some sort of glitch with my blog (besides being closed) cause I'm not able to pull it up. Seems like I remember that a while back and I figured it out. If it takes too much effort, I'll postpone my attempt to revive it. I kinda figured I'd start back with a new year's blog - but now it is already 15 days into 2012.

Speaking of such, I realized today that I mailed a bunch of checks/bills yesterday and wrote 2011 on the checks. At least I'm pretty sure that's what I did. I wonder if they will notice? Haha. Maybe I shouldn't admit this.
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139. palmettobug53
10:41 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
LOL, Karen.

Yeah, you're right. Folks didn't always have dry cleaners around. They washed everything.

I agree that some items just look better after dry cleaning.

I'll generally have my good coats and jackets dry cleaned.

You did get a good deal on that jacket. I really like the ones with a removable lining. Good for almost any temp.

I do need a black jacket, preferably nylon on the outside, for kinda in between weather. A little more than a windbreaker but not as heavy as a winter coat. Walmart had what I wanted and the price wasn't bad but they didn't have my size. I might try swinging by our Kmart and see what they have.
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138. SBKaren
10:18 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
I meant to tell you, I LOVE a good deal too! I went to our local K-Mart last Friday, one of our hottest days yet, to purchase some new flip flops. The black ones I wear all the time were ready to go!

I've also had my eye out for a new winter jacket. I have plenty of sweatshirts and a good rain coat (a bit longer), but I've needed a good shorter winter type jacket for a few years now. I just figured I'd know it when I saw it.

So we walk in K-Mart and in the front of the store they have all these jackets on clearance. I find one I like and they actually have my size! It has a zip in liner, so I can take that out most the time. The price? $23.99 - my kind of deal! I think it normally was nearly $50. I was thrilled!

It kind of looks like this one

It'll be perfect for those time we head to the mountains, or it's really windy here, as I wanted something that could cut/block the wind. A sweatshirt just doesn't do that!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
137. SBKaren
10:01 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
It says 'Dry Clean Only' on the tag, which I neglected to read in the store. I hate dry cleaning; it's expensive. I tend to veer more towards things that can be thrown in the wash.

I love your novels too! I used to work at a dry cleaners. Years ago. When I first returned to work when my kids were little. My friends opened one up right here in town on Main St. I learned a lot while there. One of the things I learned is that you can generally wash things that have a dry cleaning tag in them. Probably the biggest exception would be things that are lined - like business suits. Sounds like you do it right. Cold water, gentle, line dry. Yes, you'll probably have to press - but better than the high price of dry cleaning.

I've gotten so particular about the content of fabric. I just wear 'cotton' better than anything else. I've tried some of the slinkier fabrics that hang so nice, but they don't like me :( Oh well, I'm a pants and t-shirt kind of gal anyway (girl t-shirt though). Every once in a while I'll look at tops that just have a bit more pizzazz within them for work, but when I look at the fabric content, I just shy away.

When SPLASH starts I'm in heaven. I only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and every Thursday we wear our SPLASH t-shirts, so I only really have to think about something for 2 days a week! :))))

We're having beans for dinner too! But I made a huge pot of chili. I guess this is the first time I've made this recipe, as I got out my crock pot, but by the time I added everything in, it wouldn't all fit! So out I drag my huge pot - and in it goes. After we eat some tonight, we'll have tons leftover for nights when I just don't want to cook. I love to pull something out of the freezer!
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136. Proserpina
7:04 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
No, you did not get carried away. What you wrote is very interesting and even entertaining. Keep on writing BUG!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
135. palmettobug53
6:14 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
I'm glad you do, Pros. I surely got carried away, didn't I? LOL

Sometimes, once the fingers start typing, they don't seem to stop.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
134. Proserpina
4:40 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
I love novels!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
133. palmettobug53
4:07 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Good heavens! I didn't realize I'd written a novel!
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132. palmettobug53
4:07 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Hi, ho, happy Sunday, everyone.

We still have some coolth going on. Yesterday afternoon was nice. I just put on some, I dunno... cord? pants and a sweater. No jacket, despite the fact that it was windy and really chilly, if you were in the shade.

Got two loads of clothes washed yesterday and am in the process of finishing it up today. My laundry almost doubles in the winter, due to Hubby layering up against the cold. His deliveries start before sunrise; he doesn't finish up his route until late morning, so he's working in the coldest hours.

Had a nice visit with my cousin. She was getting dressed when I got there. While I was waiting for her, I dipped into her extensive collection of cookbooks. When she sat down, we started talking about recipes and food, for the most part. Also about some of her favourite things to prepare for drop ins, dinners and socials during her late husband's years in the Navy. He was an officer and officer's wives were expected to entertain. It's always interesting to listen to her reminisce.

Gams, cats don't require quite as much attention than dogs do. Which is why they tend to be more suitable for folks that are gone all day at work. Or folks with smaller homes and/or apartments. They snooze a lot. If you provide access to a window they can look out of, they can entertain themselves for hours.

Cats do need to be groomed, though. Even the short haired ones, like Gus. It helps to keep so much hair being shed in the house or tossed back up as hairballs.

It's esp important for long haired cats, to prevent mats. I've had two cats that were long-ish haired and they could get matted up something terrible. They were not very cooperative about being brushed, but I could manage, for the most part. . Miss Kitty got so matted up one time, it was more than I could handle. Or her, with me trying to hold her down and trying to work that stuff out. I had to take her in to a groomer and have her shaved. She looked really odd for a while but it did the trick.

Karen, I know exactly what you mean. It does take a lot of time to do all the reading back; I try to do a quick scan but half the time, I no longer know what's going on around here.

I am going to try to get a photo posted but I'm still using those disposable cameras. I need to finish off the current roll and take it to Walmart for developing. . Walmart offers the option of a CD along with the developed photos. I'll be able to upload from that CD.

Ylee, I'm hoping he will. He uses WU for weather but just has never really looked into the member blogs. I gave him a few pointers before he left. It may be a while before he'll have time to get online. ; they just moved this weekend and will have to get their internet hooked up.. He's starting a new job, as well.

Shore, I had a 'Catmando' moment at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Less the baseball bat but Gus was very insistent. I got up, visted Eleanor, then went to the kitchen. He was under my feet, meowing the whole time. His food bowl was empty. It's obvious that I'm going to have a feline backup for my alarm clock. "FEED ME!"

Pros, don't you just love watching the birds? I got my birdbath thawed out in no time yesterday, with the help of a pot of warm water. Like Shore, I have a whole swarm of little sparrows and it didn't take them long to spot the open water.

I was rather disappointed in what was being offered for sale yesterday at Dillards. 50% off something with an original price of $269.00 isn't my kind of deal. I saw some slacks within my price range but not in a color I needed. There were no blouses or sweaters on sale, that I liked. Maybe in a couple more weeks, when they have to clear the rest of their winter things out, the deals will be better. I was looking mostly for tops/sweaters to go with black or khaki pants.

On the way out, I noticed a rack of things that were like cross between a shawl and a poncho in 'one size fits all', with various colors and patterns. Though I wasn't really looked for outerwear, I browsed through the rack. I mean, you never know.

I saw one that I really liked. It can be worn reversed, if I remove the tag carefully. Black with a brown paisley pattern at the bottom. Reversed, it would be the same pattern but brown with a black pattern. It's acrylic and light weight but I think it'll be warm in all but really cold weather. It was $16.80, marked down from $48.00. Which was more in the range of the type of deal I was looking for and I do believe it will get a lot of use. Good for cool weather and easy to throw on.

It says 'Dry Clean Only' on the tag, which I neglected to read in the store. I hate dry cleaning; it's expensive. I tend to veer more towards things that can be thrown in the wash. I've sometimes been able to get away with washing things that are supposed to be dry clean only. I've used Woolite in the delicate cycle and then hung them on hangers or my laundry rack to dry. Sometimes I have to touch them up with an iron, though that's another thing I hate doing.

I got the rest of my errands run and was back at the house by 5:00. Got something to eat and then perused the TV listing. Showtime had "The King's Speech" on. I really enjoyed it, though I did wonder how the Royal family reacted to it.

Today's menu is going to be an easy one. I had a ham bone in the freezer from our Christmas ham. I'm going to fix a pot of dried white limas with it. Hubby requires rice with this, though I'd be content just to eat the beans and ham.
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131. Proserpina
2:48 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Good morning Bug.

I have been negligent about coming here and leaving a little note. I have been thinking about you however, and especially Gus. How are you two getting along?

The last couple days, including today, have been very cold. Yesterday I got up to temps of 22 and today 23. My sun room is a bit cold and had to turn on an electric heater I keep there in winter. I am trying to save the plants in that room. The good part in cold weather is that I get double the usual birds visiting the feeders, that's fun for me.

I finally got up a blog of some sorts but it is incomplete and will try to write a little more today. I probably will not post more at this time however.

Take care and please give my regards to your dad.
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130. shoreacres
2:23 PM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Good morning, Bug ~

A frozen birdbath? Uh-oh. A sign of winter for sure.

I'm been so MIA I'm just swinging by to say good morning. I've got something kind of exciting to tell you about re: a new movie, and other chit-chat, but I need to get on to the day's chores first. Have a good one - hope it's a nice coffee and paper time! It's gazillion sparrow time here - for the time being I've been able to put out seed without the pigeons showing up. And my bluejays are back, so it's fun sitting here watching them in the morning.

I can just see Gus doing his "pullups". And hear those claws, too. But you're exactly right - they need their claws for protection and escape if they ever do get outdoors. Dixie still has hers, and it hasn't caused a single problem since she got her scratching posts. I do have some snags on one corner of the sofa, but she's not really scratching - she just digs in and then stretches. I can live with that.

Have a good day!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
129. Ylee
9:51 AM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Bug, tell your old boss not to be stranger around here, OK? Besides, I'm sure he has some "bug" stories to tell, lol!

Have a happy Sunday!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
128. SBKaren
2:06 AM GMT en Enero 15, 2012
Let me just say, I miss getting around like I used to. When not so much time went by, I used to find my last posting, and then read forward. I just can't do that anymore...too much to read.

I'm glad Gus is settling in. I see you settled on a name. I like Gus too! I sure wish you could post a picture. I'd love to see your new furry creature!
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127. seflagamma
4:17 PM GMT en Enero 14, 2012
Good morning Bug,

Sounds like you are off to run your Saturday errands and visits.

Funny reading all you "cat" people and how your cats behave. So different from dogs for sure.

but I do think dogs may be more high maintaince as far as going out for several "walks" each day and giving them plenty of exercise and you must feed them several times a day, dogs like Harley must be groomed regularly or they get all matted.. blah blah blah....

We got cold again, finally another front pushed thru SE Florida. We may not even get out of the upper 60's this afternoon. and was in 50's this morning.

Just wanted to pop in and say Good morning and enjoy your day.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
126. palmettobug53
1:15 PM GMT en Enero 14, 2012
Hi, ho, happy Saturday!

It got a bit nippy out there last night. The birdbath is frozen solid this morning. Mainly because there wasn't that much water in it. I need to take a pot of hot water out there. Another cold night tonight, too. Tuesday, I think it's going to shoot back up to a high in the low 70's!

Ylee, yeah, good supervisors are few and far between. I'm really gonna miss seeing him everyday but we have each other's email and we're going to keep in touch. He peeps in on WU occasionally.

Nah, I've never had any desire to climb the ladder at work. The extra pay would be nice but there's a lot of headaches that come with it. I don't want the hassle. I'm perfectly happy being low man on the totem pole. Give me something to do, put me in a corner and then just leave me alone!

I've been with the same employer and the same office since I was hired in 1975. My job has morphed over the years with various reorganizations and as technology has changed. I like what I do. As long as there's a mortgage payment due, I'll continue to work full time. I'll admit that the getting up and going in part has gotten a little harder in the last coupld of years! LOL

Heck, whenever I do retire, I may even continue to work part time. We've had several folks in our office to that.

Shore, that video is funny. That cat looks like he tears into a lot of pinatas. He's a little on the chunky side. Pretty cat, though.

Haven't been able to interst Gus much with playing. I haven't bought any toys but I've got plenty of yarn. I've tried to interest him in chasing a strand of it but he's more interested in head butting the hand that's holding the yarn.

Sandi, so far, Gus is very well behaved. His "Lord of the Manor" pose is mostly a contented gaze over his estate, prior to dropping off for another snooze.

He seems to have no desire to go outside; no meowing at the door or climbing up to the windows. I held him up to the back door's window a couple of days ago. As soon as he saw all the cars over on the highway and people in the parking lot just behind us, he stiffened and struggled to get down. He took off for the front bedroom.

I'll be headed over to my cousin's this morning for coffee and some chat.

I've a scrip that needs to be refilled today at Walmart; maybe get a few grocers while I'm there. I also want to stop by (shudder) the mall. I see that Dillard's is having their end of season clearance and all their winter clothing is being discounted. Some, as much as 60%! I've found some really good deals at their end of season sales before, so want to see what they have.

Time for another cup of coffee, visit Dad's blog and a few others. Also need to check my outtie mail to see if there's anything from my aunt, so I can relay any news to my cousin this a.m.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
125. sandiquiz
6:10 AM GMT en Enero 14, 2012
It is Saturday... (I think, I am all discombobulated this week!)

I hope you have plenty of chores to keep you out of mischief.

I am glad Gus is settling in. If he is becoming Lord of the Manor, he is happy - but don't let him be boss - YOU are in charge, and remind him occasionally! I knew a woman who trained animals for the TV. She told me once that a dog will do tricks for love of a biscuit, whereas cats do tricks because they know they can, and like to show off! She once had a young cat brought to her that would nip fingers, not hard, but teeth would surround the finger and press. No broken skin, but unpleasant. She cured it by biting the cat's ear every time he did it! It took a couple of weeks, but I am told once it went home it never did it again!
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124. shoreacres
3:04 AM GMT en Enero 14, 2012
It's never too early to start thinking about Cinco de Mayo! Get those pinata plans ready!

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
123. Ylee
5:30 PM GMT en Enero 13, 2012
Never got a chance to post yesterday, but I did read back and saw where your supervisor left. Good supervisors are hard to come by(like good cats,I guess!), so I wish you luck on your new one!

Ever thought of being a supervisor? Me, neither, lol!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
122. palmettobug53
5:14 PM GMT en Enero 13, 2012
Hi, Gams. Good to see you out and about. You sure did have a nasty cold this past few weeks. I'd been worried about you.

One of the girls at work has been after me, ever since we said 'good bye' to Daisy, to meet with her on Saturdays and "Let's go look for cats! You need another cat!"

After dealing with Thor and Daisy, I was in no hurry to look for a replacement. I kept telling her, "When the time is right, it'll happen."

Though I wasn't actively looking (far from it!), it just happened. And now we have Gus. Who, BTW, is really getting into his role of King of the Hill and Lord of the Manor.

Oh, goodness, Shore! Up on the footstool right by you? Maybe she's mellowing out as she ages. She may surprise you one of these days. If she does, I'll probably hear you shouting the news all the way over here.

Daisy would get in my lap but she didn't want to be touched while she was there. I can think of twice that Thor got in my lap, once he was grown. Scared me both times, as I just knew he'd turn on me before he got down. He didn't but I was relieved when he hopped to the floor. It was like having a poisonous snake in my lap. "Is he going to strike or not?"

You're not being picky; if you're varnishing, it must be in optimum conditions or you're wasting your time and money.

I think we'll be getting some of your ultra coolth tonight and tomorrow nights. It was light jacket or coat weather this morning but not freezing. The high is only going to be in the 50's today. It's sunny out there; I can see it on the building wall next door.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
121. shoreacres
2:23 PM GMT en Enero 13, 2012
Happy Friday, Bug,

I thought about Gus last night. We had an unusal occurrence here - Dixie came over and jumped onto a footstool next to me, as though she wanted to be just a little closer. Very strange kitty behavior. Maybe in another five years she'll get in my lap!

It's cold here this morning - we've finally cracked 32, from a low of 28. I figure I've got about another hour before it's reasonable working weather. With no wind, I'll tackle 40 if I have to. I've got my fingers crossed for an early 45. ;)

All the Christmas stuff finally is put away, so I feel like I'm making a real move into the new year. I could stand some really good weather for working - got a couple of jobs nearly finished but I need 60 degrees and dry to get final varnish coats on. I know - picky, picky.

Hope your day goes quickly. We're up to 34, so it's warming fast. I'd better get rolling!
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120. seflagamma
2:06 PM GMT en Enero 13, 2012
Good morning Bug,

I cannot believe I have not been to your blog or hardly anyone else's this year!

Congratulations on your new family member, Gus!!!!

Really enjoyed reading back on how Gus picked "YOU" to be his new Mama...

It was time for you and J to get a new cat.

I see he is getting the hang of having a home and family very well now!

Happy New Year!
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119. palmettobug53
5:52 PM GMT en Enero 12, 2012
Sanid, Thor didn't bat any eyelash at fireworks, thunder, lightning. Nothing seemed to faze him.

Daisy was scared of everything.

I'll have to see how Gus does.
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118. palmettobug53
5:51 PM GMT en Enero 12, 2012
Happy Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend.

I don't mean you retirees; for you, every day is the weekend! LOL

Not much to report.

Gus is coming along. He is still a bit skittish but is settling in more and more, with less and less seeming to disturb him.

He is starting to feel a good bit more solid and substantial. He's not the featherweight bag of bones and fur that he was the day I brought him in. I don't know how much he's gained; I haven't tried to weigh him. We'll be going in for his leukemia booster on the 21st, so we'll see then.

He's content to love on me a bit, then get down and curl up on the ottomon for a snooze.

He's grooming himself now, which is something he didn't do at first. However, he does not wash his nose after he eats. It's filthy and he won't hold still for me to wash it off. He tries to grab the washcloth. And my fingers.

He's getting feisty, grabbing at my fingers with his paws and nibbling on me. He's not quite as content to being brushed as he was at first. Now, he wants to grab and chew on the brush.

I think my vet will be pleased with his progress.

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