By: ncstorm, 11:21 PM GMT en Enero 16, 2014


Real Science blasts global warming movement: ‘Climate Alarmists Have A 97% Fail Rate

By: ncstorm, 10:49 PM GMT en Diciembre 18, 2013

Real Science: 'Now that the Arctic sea ice scam has collapsed, as far as I can tell every single Hansen et al alarmist prediction has failed miserably...Ten years from now, people like John Cook will be publishing fake papers claiming that scientists never believed in global warming'

Flashback 2009: Marc Morano Spoof: NYT in 2019: Scientists Now Say Global Warming Fears Fading Away – Claim There Never Was Warming Consensus – By Marc Morano -- 2019: 'A...

Double Standard At Weatherunderground

By: ncstorm, 9:13 PM GMT en Diciembre 14, 2013

Ever received a ban at WU when the other blogger comments were allowed to stay or better yet, he/she had a chance to edit them? The fact that a blogger edits or modifies his comments tells anyone with a brain that the blogger knew he violated the so called rules of the road. Shouldn't we have a rule of the road where you are not allowed to modify your offensive post and replace it with a decoy? I understand misspellings and such and a blogger wants to modify their p...


By: ncstorm, 3:53 AM GMT en Octubre 22, 2013

I was looking for a filter to categorize my blog..I dont do many but tonight I felt one was warranted. I choose Pollution..Ironic isn't it but worthy of the garbage I saw posted tonight..I wanted to post this in my blog to always refer back to remind myself that my children shouldn't be afraid of global warming and supposedly not having a world to live in but instead be afraid of small minded individuals.

For someone to resort to a topic of racism and ge...

March Madness

By: ncstorm, 10:58 PM GMT en Marzo 17, 2013

Alright Everyone!!

Brackets have been posted and its that time of year for less productivity in the work industry! The #1 Overall seed was Louisville with Kansas, Indiana and Gonzaga rounding out the rest of the #1 seeds. Please feel free to post your bracket here along with your predictions for us sports enthusiants!

Good Luck and cheer hard because its the road to the FINAL FOUR for the next three weeks!!

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