Summer weather's not quite here yet!

By: esteban9, 6:41 AM GMT en Mayo 14, 2013

Those that believed we were finished with wet, unsettled weather are in for a slight surprise, beginning today.

Our extended spell of warm, sunny and dry weather will come to an end, being replaced by clouds and showers. These showers will be scattered today, but increase tomorrow as the first of two cold fronts sweeps in from the northwest. Continuing in this vein, chances of precipitation seem best on Friday. The forecast models indicate that these cha...

Change to a wet pattern this week!

By: esteban9, 10:00 AM GMT en Marzo 02, 2013

Hello all,
Apologies for the quiet in this space thus far this winter. I guess I have high threshold of interest these days (and other business to attend). Anyway, while not exactly a droughty late fall/early winter, most precipitation has been relatively well spread out in time, from primarily weak storms. Most have not been associated with the main polar jet stream, which has stayed well north of Andalucía. This will change, beginning Monday.

A ...

End of the sun this evening

By: esteban9, 10:11 AM GMT en Noviembre 16, 2012

No, it's not the end of the Mayan calendar or something catastrophic. However...

A week of pleasant sun and moderate temperatures will come to an unceremonious end tonight across the region. A weak isolated low that's been malingering off the Atlantic Coast of Iberia will finally be pushed southeast over the peninsula beginning tonight. Although it will weaken further as it progresses, ample moisture again will generate significant rains tonight through m...

This sauna brought to you by West Africa

By: esteban9, 9:47 AM GMT en Noviembre 04, 2012

The very warm and humid air mass of the past few days resembles a sauna, at least relative to this time of year. Its origin, as indicated by a wide band of clouds on the satellite imagery, originates near the Cape Verde Islands off the West African coast. Tropical indeed!

All that's needed to trigger heavier rains than we've already seen is a lifting mechanism. And that is coming in the form of a cold front from the northwest. This front is already in Hu...

Prolonged "wet" through the weekend, commencing today

By: esteban9, 6:48 AM GMT en Octubre 24, 2012

An isolated cyclone off the Portuguese coast will finally move east over Iberia today. Although its upper level dynamics and jet streak are not strong, they are aimed directly at Andalucía. Because the cyclone is isolated from the main polar jet stream, it will be slow-moving. Combine this with an ample supply of moisture from the south, and the threat of heavy rain is definitely present. Rain bands will move in with the initial front in the west today. AEMET has a...

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