Snowdon Fundraising Event

By: TorchwoodHub , 12:42 PM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012

Hi there, I would like to announce, that there will be a Snowdon Fundraising Event 17th/18th this month!

In March 17th/18th 2012, there will be a Snowdon Fundraising Adventure Event, there will be a four people going on this Adventure, there will be three people including myself, so that will make it to four people!

We will still do the Snowdon Fundraising Event in March 17th/18th, we now have the support of the St Johns Ambulance, the amount has changed, from £3,000 to £2,000!

Research has shown that early treatment and care is crucial to the survival of those who fall suddenly ill. When someones heart stops, they are 60% more likely to survive if are defibrillated within three minutes of collapse.

Despite the ambulance service being immediately dispatched once they have been notified of someone that has been taken ill, the community First Responders Team can often can have quick access to the patient more effectively and quickly, as they are already in the local area.

It is with in mind, that in conjunction with the St Johns Ambulance, four people from The Willows Care Home, will be setting off on the 17th March to set up for camp, at the base of Snowdon.
On the 18th March, we will then set off up Snowdon, in order to raise money.

This is to purchase a defibrillator for the home, we aim to train up a number of staff and support workers, to become community First Responders.

Initially we are looking to raise a sum of £1875 or over, which will be enough to purchase a Static defibrillator for the home in Warminster, we will then train 8 people to have the knowledge to be able to use the defibrillator and provide CPR within the home.

Any sum left over, after we have raised £1875, will then be donated as a charity offering to the St Johns Ambulance Service!

Peter Webb, who is part of the Snowdon Fundraising Event group, and myself Sheriff Lawburt, have been speaking to the St Johns Ambulance Service to organise the static unit, Peter Webb has also registered with the Great Western Ambulance Service, they will be inviting all those that are interested at the Willows, to attend an interview in the evening, with the view to then continue on a four day course.

This is taking place across two weekends, to become a qualified community First Responder for the Warminster area!

This is a very exciting project for me, as I will be training, before I climb Snowdon, there will be three other joining me in this event, there will be Peter Webb, Dan Smith and Al.
We have already got two interviews lined up, The Wiltshire Times and The Warminster Journal.

We hope that it is a realistic aim to be able to raise in excess of the £1875 needed, and provide as large a charitable donation as possible to St John's Ambulance.

We would like support, to raise this amount, from as many people as possible, Sponsor Forms will be supplied on-line and in paper sheets! To request a Sponsor Form, then you can contact me, with the details provided!

Here is the link of Snowdon Rangers Path: 152

This Adventure is undertaken people at the WILLOWS CARE HOME!
Snowdon Sponsored Walk Sponsor Form (PDF Format)

Snowdon Sponsored Walk - Map of the Route (PDF Format) alon_willows.shtml

Kind Regards

Sheriff Lawburt

For more information Contact:

Sheriff Lawburt: 07415 509314

Exalon Care Home LTD!
72 Boreham Road
BA12 9JN

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Snowdon Fundraising Event

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Hi there, I have been really busy, sorting out and organising a fundraising event for Snowdon in Wales! This is to raise money for a static defibrilla

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