Day 5: An Early Start!

By: StormChaseMets, 9:09 PM GMT en Febrero 23, 2012

Sorry guys-we forgot to post Day 2 and Day 5 blog entries while we were out on the road. Here's Day 5:After driving to Denver last night, we decided to head eastward and spend our last day checking out weather behind the storm in the Plains. We began our drive at 4 am and drove about 3 hrs to reach Kansas. After catching an amazing sunrise, we experienced a gorgeous blue sky and frigid cold temperatures. It was the perfect ending to our chase. Jess & Tim

Day 2 Kingman to northeastern Arizona: Searching For Snow!

By: StormChaseMets, 9:06 PM GMT en Febrero 23, 2012

Sorry guys-we forgot to post Day 2 and Day 5 blog entries while we were out on the road. Here's Day 2:We began the day bright and early in Kingman, AZ. After spending some time looking at maps and last night’s snow totals, we were slightly worried we fell behind the storm. Fortunately there was plenty of moisture spreading northeastward across Arizona to fuel snow bands through the afternoon. We decided to head eastward to Flagstaff in hopes of catching some of...

Day 4 - Telluride to Denver

By: StormChaseMets, 1:54 AM GMT en Diciembre 16, 2011

Brrr! We woke up to the coldest temperatures of the trip this morning, the cars thermometers were reading 1 degree! Of course the roads around the hotel were super slick. The cars handled great though, stayed on the road with no sliding. On the way out of town we hit some snowy roads and played there for a while seeing what the cars could do.After that we sort of booked it for Denver. Saw some beautiful views through the passes, especially around sunset at Copp...

Winter Weather

Day 3, Kayenta to Telluride

By: StormChaseMets, 1:08 AM GMT en Diciembre 15, 2011

Stayed overnight in Kayenta, where we saw temperatures drop well below freezing. Waking up in the morning we had to be really careful walking to breakfast because of all the black ice and frozen puddles. As things were getting underway, a pickup slide off the road into a ditch in front of the 7 2 11 convenience store. A few of the crew almost face planted too. Not good conditions for driving. Our precision driver, Linda killed it though with the all wheel co...

Winter Weather

Winter Weather Mission: Ride the Storm Ride - Day 1

By: StormChaseMets, 6:30 AM GMT en Diciembre 13, 2011

Day 1. Amazing Rain and a Hint of Snow....We began our adventure just south of Long Beach, CA at White's Point Beach in San Pedro, CA at 5 a.m. this morning. We set up cars and our weather station and waited for the rain to come in. There were a few light sprinkles at first, but the real rain didn't occur until around 8:00 a.m. By the afternoon rainfall totals for Long Beach Airport reached to 0.62 inches! Heavy rain in the area led to street ponding, areas of fl...

Winter Weather

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