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tea party Lusts For Sex

By: SayNoToTea , 11:34 PM GMT en Marzo 07, 2012

I read the Sandra Fluke story the evening after her testimony, this was before the far rights response to her testimony and except that I feel that if you pay for men's products such as ED medicines and for vasectomies then you should pay for women's contraceptives also, for the most part I thought it was a complete dog and pony show and exactly what is wrong with our federal government in the area of waste and excessive government. It was nothing more than the Obama administration push for a wider acceptance of their health care policy. I think for the most part this was also what Democrats expected it to be except I'm sure the administration would argue the purpose of it and try to explain why it wasn't a waste of taxpayer dollars. Little did I or I'm pretty sure the Democrats had little idea as what this would develop into. The far right has blown it this time and probably to the point that there is little chance a Republican nominee can make it into the White House this election cycle.

To start with let's look at what Sandra actually said in her testimony. I've heard so much BS, and outright lies about what people think she said. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to spend 10 seconds on Google and see her transcripts. However this task must be beyond the scope of the right wing.

Transcript: Sandra Fluke testifies on why women should be allowed access to contraception and reproductive health care
Posted by editor on Thursday, February 23, 2012 · 96

Hearing on women’s reproductive health and contraception before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee held on Feb. 23, 2012
Transcript of testimony by Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University Law School, a private Jesuit institution:
“Leader [Nancy] Pelosi, members of Congress, good morning. And thank you for calling this hearing on women’s health and for allowing me to testify on behalf of the women who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage regulation.

Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law student, testifies before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the importance of contraceptive coverage for students and employees at religious-affiliated institutions. Last week, Fluke was denied the opportunity to speak before the House Oversight Committee hearing on women's reproductive health. Instead, an all-male panel of religious leaders testified on why they should be allowed to deny women contraceptive coverage.

“My name is Sandra Fluke, and I’m a third-year student at Georgetown Law School. I’m also a past-president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice or LSRJ. And I’d like to acknowledge my fellow LSRJ members and allies and all of the student activists with us and thank them so much for being here today.
“We, as Georgetown LSRJ, are here today because we’re so grateful that this regulation implements the non-partisan medical advice of the Institute of Medicine.
“I attend a Jesuit law school that does not provide contraceptive coverage in its student health plan. And just as we students have faced financial, emotional, and medical burdens as a result, employees at religiously-affiliated hospitals and institutions and universities across the country have suffered similar burdens.
“We are all grateful for the new regulation that will meet the critical health care needs of so many women.
“Simultaneously, the recently announced adjustment addresses any potential conflict with the religious identity of Catholic or Jesuit institutions.
“When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage.

“And especially in the last week, I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis, I hear yet from another woman from Georgetown or from another school or who works for a religiously-affiliated employer, and they tell me that they have suffered financially and emotionally and medically because of this lack of coverage.
“And so, I’m here today to share their voices, and I want to thank you for allowing them – not me – to be heard.
“Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. 40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.
“One told us about how embarrassed and just powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter and learned for the first time that contraception was not covered on her insurance and she had to turn and walk away because she couldn’t afford that prescription. Women like her have no choice but to go without contraception.
“Just last week, a married female student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore. Women employed in low-wage jobs without contraceptive coverage face the same choice.
“And some might respond that contraception is accessible in lots of other ways. Unfortunately, that’s just not true.
“Women’s health clinic provide a vital medical service, but as the Guttmacher Institute has definitely documented, these clinics are unable to meet the crushing demand for these services. Clinics are closing, and women are being forced to go without the medical care they need.
“How can Congress consider the [Rep. Jeff] Fortenberry (R-Neb.), [Sen. Marco] Rubio (R-Fla.) and [Sen. Roy] Blunt (R-Mo.) legislation to allow even more employers and institutions to refuse contraception coverage and then respond that the non-profit clinics should step up to take care of the resulting medical crisis, particularly when so many legislators are attempting to de-fund those very same clinics?
“These denial of contraceptive coverage impact real people.
“In the worst cases, women who need these medications for other medical conditions suffer very dire consequences.

“A friend of mine, for example, has polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries. Her prescription is technically covered by Georgetown’s insurance because it’s not intended to prevent pregnancy.
“Unfortunately, under many religious institutions and insurance plans, it wouldn’t be. There would be no exception for other medical needs. And under Sen. Blunt’s amendment, Sen. Rubio’s bill or Rep. Fortenberry’s bill there’s no requirement that such an exception be made for these medical needs.
“When this exception does exist, these exceptions don’t accomplish their well-intended goals because when you let university administrators or other employers rather than women and their doctors dictate whose medical needs are legitimate and whose are not, women’s health takes a back seat to a bureaucracy focused on policing her body.
“In 65% of the cases at our school, our female students were interrogated by insurance representatives and university medical staff about why they needed prescription and whether they were lying about their symptoms.
“For my friend and 20% of the women in her situation, she never got the insurance company to cover her prescription. Despite verifications of her illness from her doctor, her claim was denied repeatedly on the assumption that she really wanted birth control to prevent pregnancy. She’s gay. So clearly polycystic ovarian syndrome was a much more urgent concern than accidental pregnancy for her.
“After months paying over $100 out-of-pocket, she just couldn’t afford her medication anymore, and she had to stop taking it.
“I learned about all of this when I walked out of a test and got a message from her that in the middle of the night in her final exam period she’d been in the emergency room. She’d been there all night in just terrible, excruciating pain. She wrote to me, ‘It was so painful I’d woke up thinking I’ve been shot.’
“Without her taking the birth control, a massive cyst the size of a tennis ball had grown on her ovary. She had to have surgery to remove her entire ovary as a result.
“On the morning I was originally scheduled to give this testimony, she was sitting in a doctor’s office, trying to cope with the consequences of this medical catastrophe.
“Since last year’s surgery, she’s been experiencing night sweats and weight gain and other symptoms of early menopause as a result of the removal of her ovary. She’s 32-years-old.
“As she put it, ‘If my body indeed does enter early menopause, no fertility specialist in the world will be able to help me have my own children. I will have no choice at giving my mother her desperately desired grandbabies simply because the insurance policy that I paid for, totally unsubsidized by my school, wouldn’t cover my prescription for birth control when I needed it.’
“Now, in addition to potentially facing the health complications that come with having menopause at such an early age – increased risk of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis – she may never be able to conceive a child.
“Some may say that my friend’s tragic story is rare. It’s not. I wish it were
“One woman told us doctors believe she has endometriosis, but that can’t be proven without surgery. So the insurance has not been willing to cover her medication – the contraception she needs to treat her endometriosis.
“Recently, another woman told me that she also has polycystic ovarian syndrome and she’s struggling to pay for her medication and is terrified to not have access to it.
“Due to the barriers erected by Georgetown’s policy, she hasn’t been reimbursed for her medications since last August.
“I sincerely pray that we don’t have to wait until she loses an ovary or is diagnosed with cancer before her needs and the needs of all of these women are taken seriously.
“Because this is the message that not requiring coverage of contraception sends: A woman’s reproductive health care isn’t a necessity, isn’t a priority.
“One woman told us that she knew birth control wasn’t covered on the insurance and she assumed that that’s how Georgetown’s insurance handle all of women’s reproductive and sexual health care. So when she was raped, she didn’t go to the doctor, even to be examined or tested for sexually transmitted infections, because she thought insurance wasn’t going to cover something like that – something that was related to a woman’s reproductive health.
“As one other student put it: ‘This policy communicates to female students that our school doesn’t understand our needs.’
“These are not feelings that male fellow student experience and they’re not burdens that male students must shoulder.
“In the media lately, some conservative Catholic organizations have been asking what did we expect when we enroll in a Catholic school?
“We can only answer that we expected women to be treated equally, to not have our school create untenable burdens that impede our academic success.
“We expected that our schools would live up to the Jesuit creed of ‘cura personalis‘ – to care for the whole person – by meeting all of our medical needs.
“We expected that when we told our universities of the problem this policy created for us as students, they would help us.
“We expected that when 94% of students oppose the policy the university would respect our choices regarding insurance students pay for – completely unsubsidized by the university.
“We did not expect that women would be told in the national media that we should have gone to school elsewhere.
“And even if that meant going to a less prestigious university, we refuse to pick between a quality education and our health. And we resent that in the 21st century, anyone think it’s acceptable to ask us to make this choice simply because we are women.
“Many of the women whose stories I’ve shared today are Catholic women. So ours is not a war against the church. It is a struggle for the access to the health care we need.
“The President of the Association of Jesuit Colleges has shared that Jesuit colleges and the universities appreciate the modifications to the rule announced recently. Religious concerns are addressed and women get the health care they need. And I sincerely hope that that is something we can all agree upon.
“Thank you very much.”

So, you tell me where the comments such as she needs sex three times a day come from? Or where she is a slut or a prostitute? Or where she shows that our American values are corrupted, or as someone said on another blog today that if she was my daughter I would feel shame? Feel free to disagree with her on insurance, but don't denigrate yourself by turning this into sexual dalliances as the far right has shown and done. It's the lewd imaginations of those on the far right, those lovely tea party patriots, that have done just that. In fact, they've made this into much more than what it was intended, it is now about women's rights and just how oppressive in that regard the tea party is.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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24. unclemush
1:02 PM GMT en Marzo 13, 2012
Link Why the GOP Campaign for the Presidency Is About Guaranteeing a Radical Conservative Future for America
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
23. unclemush
10:39 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
Big oil might be paying them to post?
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
22. SayNoToTea
10:35 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
has anyone noticed that although the tea party complains about the 76 billion in subsidies the govt. gives green industries, they don't complain about the 466 billion dollars the govt gives in fossil fuel subsideies?
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
21. auburn (Mod)
7:48 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
Quoting SayNoToTea:
I've noticed on a regular basis, that truth and fact checking are not necessary to the tea party and the far right.

Long as it fits the agenda....and dont question the facts.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
20. SayNoToTea
7:39 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
I've noticed on a regular basis, that truth and fact checking are not necessary to the tea party and the far right.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
19. auburn (Mod)
6:32 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
Quoting LowerCal:
Santorum Campaign Responds To Dutch Euthanasia Outrage

So he has a poor grasp of reality and/or no respect for the truth but, "He is a strong pro-life person."

Well... alrighty then. :^/

hahaha...tells lies but "He is a strong pro-life person."and who needs the truth anyways right?
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
18. LowerCal
6:27 PM GMT en Marzo 12, 2012
Santorum Campaign Responds To Dutch Euthanasia Outrage

So he has a poor grasp of reality and/or no respect for the truth but, "He is a strong pro-life person."

Well... alrighty then. :^/
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
16. auburn (Mod)
9:10 PM GMT en Marzo 11, 2012
Fox said..in 2008..THERE IS NOTHING THE PRESIDENT CAN DO ABOUT OIL PRICES..watch it and compare to what the same "Reporters are saying now..Bush had no control but Obama has?come on give me a break.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
15. auburn (Mod)
8:41 PM GMT en Marzo 11, 2012
The king of hate radio brought down by a girl?!?!

It must be some kind of Fluke.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
14. unclemush
7:38 PM GMT en Marzo 10, 2012
Link Talk Radio Losing Advertisers In Wake Of Limbaugh Scandal
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
13. unclemush
1:00 AM GMT en Marzo 10, 2012
Link Study: Hate of Obama fuels 755% growth in extremist groups
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
12. unclemush
12:59 AM GMT en Marzo 10, 2012
#11 I agree,but I also think the tea party is the road to Fascism.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
11. TemplesOfSyrinxC4
10:49 PM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
Quoting unclemush:
Link Anti-government, hate groups growing: report

Look at all of the top-rated comments on that article:

88 -5 DoNotFearSpeech - Chicago, Illinois - 18 hrs ago Report Abuse
So what are the qualifications for being an anti-American hate group? Anti-war protestors? Occupy protestors? Tea Party? Communist Party? Socialist Party? Nazi Party? Liberals? Socialist? Libertarians? When do they go from being legitimate protestors and desenters to becoming hate groups? We need to be careful that desenters of government policy are not labeled hate groups just to clear away opposition to the powers that be.

31 -1 Citizen229 - Columbus Grove, Ohio - 18 hrs ago Report Abuse
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, " That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. "-- yeah the Founding Fathers were Anti-Government too!

Those voting for unconstitutional legislation such as the Patriot Act, NDAA, the enemy expatriation act, the "trespass bill", Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta proclaiming that the war powers are granted from the U.N and NATO and that Congress need not ever even be consulted to declare wars- if anything- these are the ones that deserve the label of "anti-government", because they have broken the Oaths they've sworn and forgotten that governments are instituted among men and derive their power from the consent of the governed, the founders never intended
the top-down model of government where those who disobey unconstitutional laws would be the ones labeled "anti-government".
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
10. SayNoToTea
9:39 PM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
March 9, 2012 Edition › Letters
Letter: Voting mistake

------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Article Comments (0) Email Print
Editor, The Friday Flyer:
I apologize to all my fellow Canyon Lake citizens. I made a mistake when it came time to vote for the current “gang that couldn't shoot straight” on the POA Board. I naively said to myself, "How bad could it be to give new people and fresh ideas an opportunity?"
Boy was I wrong. I admit I was caught up in the “fed up” mentality at the time and in a very weak moment also voted to let the Tea Party in and now that they have tried to force the USA to default on our national debt, restrict women's ability to make their own health care decisions and are pressuring us to go to war with Iran, I want them to be gone forever as well.
Voting is a sacred act with serious implications. If ill informed and unqualified people such as the Tea Party and the current Board are given power, the results can only turn out badly. In both instances, I made choices to elect people I did not know. Both groups are now damaging a community and a country neither of which deserves to be treated so badly.
Please forgive me and know I will take my vote much more seriously next time any of these groups or individuals try to gain power again.
J. Bartlett Parsons
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. unclemush
12:45 PM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
Link Anti-government, hate groups growing: report
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. unclemush
8:00 AM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
Link Sexist Bullying: What’s Behind the “War on Women?”

Perhaps Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum have done women a favor. We now have a clear picture of what we’re up against. We have full access to the perverted (and I use the word advisedly) logic of the radio head; only the sick-minded can continue to take Limbaugh seriously. And, during the reality TV series that is the Republican primary, a presidential contender’s vision for the future of women is clear: they should stay home, and, when not pressing aspirin between their knees, they should be pressing tea party science (which is to say, fable) into their children’s brains.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. unclemush
7:39 AM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
Link IRS May Make Political Groups Pay Dearly for Keeping Donors Secret -- And Out Them.WASHINGTON -- For years, the IRS has done little or nothing to check the rise of overtly political groups that claim a special tax-exempt status in order to funnel secret money into election-related advertising.

But in a sign that the agency may be waking from its slumber, the IRS has sent detailed questionnaires to several Tea Party organizations -- and possibly other political groups -- to determine if they truly qualify for the 501(c)(4) designation intended for groups whose exclusive purpose is to promote social welfare.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. SPLbeater
12:57 AM GMT en Marzo 09, 2012
this is so sad. I am here and dont know why.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. unclemush
6:50 PM GMT en Marzo 08, 2012
Link Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Won't Ease Gas Prices; Senate Must Reject It
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. Patrap
4:56 PM GMT en Marzo 08, 2012
‎"Reality Check"

Martin Sheen Has Harsh Words For Progressives Critical Of Obama

During the Bush Era, "West Wing" President Jed Bartlet offered left-wingers a refuge from reality—much as Fox News does for conservatives today.

But Martin Sheen, who turned his late-career turn as Bartlet into his signature role, had already been a liberal icon for decades before the show, thanks to his political activism and his performances in counterculture classics such as"Apocalypse Now."

Today, however, Sheen finds himself frustrated with fellow progressives over their disappointment that Barack Obama’s real presidency hasn’t matched the heights of his imaginary one.

“It’s unrealistic,” Sheen told The Huffington Post Canada in a backroom at Montreal’s Theatre St-Denis after speaking at Free the Children’s latest We Day youth rally. “I wonder how many of those progressives are black? How many of those progressives understand historically what happened?

“There’s one face in that crowd that night in Lincoln Park that was the expression of absolute miraculous reality when Barack Obama took the stage with his family as president-elect. Did you see that night when they showed Jesse Jackson?” he asked, mentioning the civil rights icon who spoke earlier at the same event. “I wonder how disappointed Jesse is with Barack Obama?”

Sheen dismissed the complaint from the left that Obama has failed to match the intense umbrage of his Republican opponents. “People say he ought to start getting mad and start yelling at these people,” Sheen said. “He didn’t get here by showing an angry man; this is a very important job. The whole world is watching every move, listening to nuance that he breathes in public.”

The actor pointed his finger squarely at Republicans for Obama's problems, arguing that they have been an unprecedentedly obstructionist congress, especially since the 2010 mid-term elections.

“It’s been fighting tooth and nail to get anything on the table with these morons,” Sheen groused, adding that the GOP is being directed by the Tea Party, which he called “the professional against-ers who are really to be identified as radical extremists who have no agenda and no purpose.”

As for the Republican candidates currently battling it out for the chance to challenge Obama in the general election -- a field which remains crowded after Rick Santorum claimed three states, Mitt Romney six and Newt Gingrich one on Super Tuesday -- Sheen isn't concerned.

“It does not shift the balance of reality. You can listen to any one of those four nominees talk about the [economic] situation and none of them is really in touch with what the hell people are facing, you know? They keep knocking the president, and yet they can’t find any fault with him regarding the specifics of the programs that he’s initiated in opposition to them.”

Despite the seemingly never-ending Republican primary, Sheen said he predicts Romney will wind up the ultimate nominee. But the actor said the former governor of Massachusetts will enter the general election hamstrung by what he’s had to say to compete in Tea Party-influenced primaries.

“Who the hell is going to be able to really believe anything Romney says when he stands next to someone who comes from a place and stands for it and risks his life to achieve it? You know, Obama rarely raises his voice, but he rises to every occasion

“Of course, he’s going to win. When he gets Romney one on one then you’ll see the quality of the man, where he comes from, what he stands for and where he wants to take us. Romney’s got a big wallet and a lot of campaign rhetoric, but what’s he going to stand on when he stands next to Obama and debates?”

Besides, Sheen said, progressives can also take heart that Occupy Wall Street has halted the rightward swing after the mid-terms and set Obama up to knock the pins down during the election.

“I cannot begin to tell you how encouraging and refreshing the Occupy Movement is to us old-timers, because it came about from a totally new, unconnected generation to us. It came of its own volition, dealing with its own issues. This message that, ‘we are divided in a lot of very fundamental ways. There’s the 1 percent and the 99.’ That is on the agenda now. That cannot be erased.

“It’s like you cannot un-ring the bell. They rang the bell on Wall Street, if you will, and that clang reverberated around the world.”

Despite the hype surrounding Super Tuesday, few of the contests were actually interesting to follow. With most of the 10 states written off as all but decided weeks ago, political observers were left with one hotly contested race: Ohio.

The state was touted as "must-win" and "make-or-break," as a win for Rick Santorum or a loss for Mitt Romney would make big waves in the Republican primary contest.

The race in the Buckeye State proved to be the night's most interesting, as Romney and Santorum remained neck and neck as the results rolled in.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. unclemush
1:59 PM GMT en Marzo 08, 2012
Link Andrew Breitbart's 'explosive Barack Obama exposé' falls flat
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. unclemush
10:25 AM GMT en Marzo 08, 2012
Link Limbaugh threatened with lawsuit by supergroup Rush
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. originalLT
5:56 AM GMT en Marzo 08, 2012
Yup, it's not just about sex, is it.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:

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