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A New Dream

By: Patrap , 8:58 PM GMT en Abril 06, 2012

" A new dream

These are the days
Where every cat gets out of every box

These are the days
Of Earth to be reborn

These are the days
Where we may dream a new

These are the days
A ripple and a wave

Truth may speek to you, so softly within
In through the silence
In through the soft depth
The soft spot that is you and is everything
Universe within

Here speaks my heart my truth, see if it resonates with you...

These days, the Earth are being dragged in through the Uncreated... Oblivion...
The Uncreated is the level of pure being, pure unity, no matter how many words used, it will only scratch the surface...
This is where we all came from, in a way we are everyone of us all of the Uncreated, which doesn't make sense in this reality...
This reality is the dream, a Universe of many dimensions, co-existing, inter-relating...
In the dream, action, acting exists, whether it be here in 3d, soul realm, spirit realm or whatever realm...
Original dreamer, who stepped out from Uncreated were God or source..
Original reaction on that dream ir that dreamer was satan.
In a way you could say that satan was the first resistence against the dream.
God wanted to create a dream of love, truth, joy... Satan feared that...
Thus the Universe of truth and the Universe of lies were created...
God and satan came from the same Uncreated, but no embracing happened... The dream became divided, a inner hosility was born... The hostility of the dream against itself.
Next level, God created Archangels to start dreaming... This made the Uncreated send a 'being' into the dream, a being of wondering... You could say that this being was not really created... More an observer, heart and eyes of the Uncreated into the dream.
The Archangels and this 'uncreated being of pondering' embraced, thus making a connection to the Uncreated.
Creation started... Dream time... The Universe of God and Archangels was small and crystal like... Deep, simple and loving... In balance with itself and in balance with the Uncreated...
But the original imbalance, between God and satan remained, so in a way satan created the Universe of lies, which was big and chaotic, surpressing, exploiting, and because it was only existing based on a reaction it could not exist without stealing the light of the Universe of truth...
The Universe of lies had a fear of both the Universe of truth (which it wished to control) and for the Uncreated (being only a reaction, feared of being dissolved)...
So fear and chaos were multiplied to keep the lies alive...
Sounds like something you know?

Well enough of that
What is happening these days are deeply amazing
The original opposition are gone
All opposites embraces, creating synergy
Hope, love and faith, embrace hopelessness, hate and mistrust
On a deep level
Within us
Within all of the dream
This make way for all of the dream being dragged in through the Uncreated
Right these days
Making space for a new dream
A new dream that is balanced
Which love itself in stead of hating itself
A new dream balanced around truth, love and joy
You might feel anxiety or wondering these days, something which you cannot define
A new dream emanating
Like a wave of change
So if we all go into our heart and start dreaming, dreams of love, joy, hope and truth
We create the reality of tomorrow
Inside out

It is happening on all levels, from the dense physical and etherical all the way to the highest vibrating spiritual part of the dream

So dream ahead sunshine
We can do it
And we can do it together

New dream awakening

Much love to you

One love "

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4. juslivn
4:21 AM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. Patrap
3:45 PM GMT en Abril 07, 2012
I come from Tin Pan Valley and I'm moving right along
I live on former glory, so long ago and gone
I'm turning down the talk shows, the humour and the couch
I'm moving up to higher ground, I've found a new way out.
There's parasols and barbeques and loungers by the pool
The late night conversations filled with 20th century cool
My peers may flirt with cabaret, some fake the rebel yell
Me - I'm moving up to higher ground, I must escape this hell.
Let me suspend my thirst for knowledge in your powder, sweat and sighs
A grudge of Christian women, a stain of spotless wives
A perfect destination inside a perfect world
I take the bottle to the baby, you take the hammer to the pearl
Like this
Every day's like Sunday, down here on memory lane
Salad days and no good ways drive me quite insane
A cocktail clouded troubadour attempts to speak in tongues
He's said enough, I'm through the door I'm moving right along
Like this

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. Patrap
12:30 AM GMT en Abril 07, 2012
Thats the whole idea I believe Ken.

Thanx for stopping by too.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. ycd0108
12:09 AM GMT en Abril 07, 2012
What can I say at this time?
Gotta think this one over
and boot it on to people I care about.
Thanks Pat!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:

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