Uploading Images - SIZING QUESTION (help?)

By: Leia, 6:37 PM GMT en Mayo 31, 2010

The uploading page says that if you would like your image considered for World View that it needs to be 950 pixels wide.I uploaded an image at that size and when shown here in the galleries, the largest size it displays at is 406 wide.Naturally, that does horrid stuff to detail and sharpness. Reducing a shot by over 50% just doesn't do it justice.Does anyone know why it reduced so much?? Is it due to file size? I saved it at max resolution for the dimensions. Do I n...

Updated: 6:42 PM GMT en Mayo 31, 2010

Tornado in Washington State

By: Leia, 6:00 AM GMT en Enero 11, 2008

At 12:00 I was walking down the street in Vancouver, Washington, hearing a steady and heavy barrage of thunder. I looked to the north west and saw crazy lightning and fast moving clouds. It was so close it appeared to be in my city. I texted my boyfriend at 12:05 and told him we were experiencing "midwest tornado weather" and that I was looking for a funnel. I got back to my office and told the girls there the same thing.There was laughter. We don't typically get to...

Rotating Funnel Cloud in Washington?

By: Leia, 1:51 AM GMT en Octubre 05, 2007

I stepped out of the Vancouver (Washington) mall this afternoon and saw a perfectly formed white funnel reaching downward to the ground. Watching, I noticed that the black wisps of clouds at the very top (just beneath the canopy) were quickly moving counter clock-wise around the outer edge of the very upper portion of the funnel. It was a small distance away, but very visible. Naturally, I kicked myself repeatedly for not having ANY cameras on me. By the time I got...

Updated: 2:15 AM GMT en Octubre 05, 2007

Washington State - Here I Come!!!

By: Leia, 5:04 AM GMT en Agosto 03, 2007

I GOT THE JOB!!!!I will be moving up to Washington state at the end of the month. YAY!!*does the snoopy dance*

Help on Job Interview Wanted

By: Leia, 9:48 PM GMT en Julio 20, 2007

I have an interview with a professional/legal department.My resume, cover letter and reference page are all printed on nice linen paper.Do I hand them to the interviewer as three pages, in a presentation binder, or in a folder?Help!Thanks in advance.

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