PWS Weather Station Temp Test Advice Sought!

By: Leia, 6:16 AM GMT en Noviembre 29, 2016

I live in rural Arizona, on a small treeless hill. My house is on the side of the hill at 3,753 ft elevation, in a natural bowl, so it does offer some 'protection' from elements.

I have a Davis Vantage Vue weather station that is 35 feet away from the house or any concrete. Someone who moved in at the base of our hill recently put a PWS up (128 feet lower than me, at elevation 3.625) and I noticed that he and I have huge differences of temperatures dep...

Updated: 6:19 AM GMT en Noviembre 29, 2016

Tornado in Washington State

By: Leia, 6:00 AM GMT en Enero 11, 2008

At 12:00 I was walking down the street in Vancouver, Washington, hearing a steady and heavy barrage of thunder. I looked to the north west and saw crazy lightning and fast moving clouds. It was so close it appeared to be in my city. I texted my boyfriend at 12:05 and told him we were experiencing "midwest tornado weather" and that I was looking for a funnel. I got back to my office and told the girls there the same thing.There was laughter. We don't typically get to...

Rotating Funnel Cloud in Washington?

By: Leia, 1:51 AM GMT en Octubre 05, 2007

I stepped out of the Vancouver (Washington) mall this afternoon and saw a perfectly formed white funnel reaching downward to the ground. Watching, I noticed that the black wisps of clouds at the very top (just beneath the canopy) were quickly moving counter clock-wise around the outer edge of the very upper portion of the funnel. It was a small distance away, but very visible. Naturally, I kicked myself repeatedly for not having ANY cameras on me. By the time I got...

Updated: 2:15 AM GMT en Octubre 05, 2007

Washington State - Here I Come!!!

By: Leia, 5:04 AM GMT en Agosto 03, 2007

I GOT THE JOB!!!!I will be moving up to Washington state at the end of the month. YAY!!*does the snoopy dance*

Help on Job Interview Wanted

By: Leia, 9:48 PM GMT en Julio 20, 2007

I have an interview with a professional/legal department.My resume, cover letter and reference page are all printed on nice linen paper.Do I hand them to the interviewer as three pages, in a presentation binder, or in a folder?Help!Thanks in advance.

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