March: 2012 Wild-Weird Weather and Cars

By: Jay0Byrd , 5:55 PM GMT en Marzo 02, 2012

Tornado's Snow, 70 degree WX: and 30-degree WX: Wild and Weird

Tornado and Chopper (Virga1960)
Tornado and news helicopter, SW of Parker, Colorado 28 Aug 2008, 5:38 PM MDT
Tornado and Chopper
Big Red!! (saltydawgg)
Slush flying and coming right at you! Well it looked that way.
Big Red!!
Spring house (lorik)
Sherman Oaks
Spring house
72`Nova (Jay0Byrd)
Dogs fun in park (lorik)
Woodley Avenue, Sepulveda bacin dog park,Today a
Dogs fun in park
You Know It's Spring When... (pegpics)
It's Swamp Buggy Race time in Naples, Florida!
You Know It's Spring When...
69`Vette (Jay0Byrd)
427-V9 435-H.P. 4-spd.
`34 Ford Coupe (LugnutJK)
Hemi Orange Centuri Paint, 327- GM V8, Muncie 4-spd.
`34 Ford Coupe
HARRISBURG IL (catfish10)
Our Pal's (Jay0Byrd)
Chipper & Domino` before tonight's storms moved into the area
Our Pal's
69-Torino Cobra (LugnutJK)
This is one of our Restorations: the 428-Cobra-Jet V8- 4-spd-Ford Top Loader w/9-in. 4.10 Locker rear end one of the fastest Bullet-proof mechanical wonders of it's Day during Muscle car wars from 1968-1972
69-Torino Cobra
Lightning over Hudson, NY (WXVids)
June 9, 2011 over Hudson, NY. Video freeze frame.
Lightning over Hudson, NY
3/2/12 Tornado (charles7013)
A tornado in Dodsen Brach TN.
3/2/12 Tornado
Swamp Buggy. (pegpics)
Racing boat dragster.
Swamp Buggy.
59`Square Bird (LugnutJK)
1959 ThunderBird w/ 460-V8
59`Square Bird
1961 Ford Sunliner Galaxie (LugnutJK)
Real Nice Hardtop w/ 390-V8 C-6 Trns.
1961 Ford Sunliner Galaxie
Friendly Kids (luvne32)
Friendly Kids
1960 Rambler (LugnutJK)
`60 Rambler American 2-dr. Wagon, flathead -6- 3-speed AMC: ball-n-Socket dash-shifter, these little 6-cyl. engines were great had about 124-H.P. got around 28-32-M.P.G. this one all original, not restored
1960 Rambler
Just one lone storm cloud (Airey)
Just one lone storm cloud
56` Pontiac Safari (LugnutJK)
Ponyiac's answer to the Chevy Nomad in 56` this one in yellow with a Chevrolet drive train, 350-V8 dressed up woth R-700 auto out of a 90 Caprice 9-C-1 Cop car
56` Pontiac Safari
wildlife 2 junkyards (got2dogs)
wildlife 2 junkyards
Tornado? (DGibbs)
4:05pm, February 11, 2012, Powhatan, Virginia.
B-17 Flying Fortress WWII Bomber over Santa Rosa Sound at Twilight08 (jennjeff1)
B-17 Flying Fortress WWII Bomber over Santa Rosa Sound at Twilight08
47`Ford Convertible (LugnutJK)
a Work in progress.. 47 Ford, Morrison Chassie, Crate Chev V8. Billet wheels, Mercedes headlamps, Gennie Shifter, Pro Comp gages Weather was Hot about 90, w/ Local Ozone alert put out by N.W.S. for the day from Kansas City-@ 22-miles east of Orrick,MO
47`Ford Convertible
Snowdogs.. (suzi46)
a 12 week old miniature Goldendoodle from Ontario, Canada having a great time with a Golden Lab in the snow at Sunday River mountain in Newry, ME..the little one had his much larger playmate looking somewhat puzzled with his cute to watch! and you had to love it's tiny ski sweater..:)
Flag and Snow (nickwuaa)
The beginning of our first real winter storm! The strobe effect causes snowflakes to leave tracks when they are lit. The light flickers 120 times per second, and the exposure is 1/20th, each flake leaves 6 spots!
Flag and Snow
Franklin Tornado/Mesocyclone (BySurasWeather)
Beginning of Tornado in Franklin, NC. Taken by a local Wal Mart Worker and was uploaded to Weather Channel on March 2, 2012
Franklin Tornado/Mesocyclone
33`Ford Roadster (LugnutJK)
Ford 1933 Flip top roadster w/ Chevrolet engine, 350-V8
33`Ford Roadster
Red` `55 Buick Hardtop (LugnutJK)
Car show Late Summer `06 (More Buicks!)
Red` `55 Buick Hardtop
`55 Buick (LugnutJK)
Buick Daze` at a Car show during warmer days in Late Summer `06
`55 Buick
The Budweiser Clydesdales (oneshotww)
At 84th Annual Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo
The Budweiser Clydesdales
Northern Lights (katy99780)
In Tok Alaska, USA. Wee hours this morning.
Northern Lights
`54 Chevrolet (LugnutJK)
a chevy with a different color lay out that was not offerred in 1954
`54 Chevrolet
`67 FORD F-100 (LugnutJK)
this 1/2 ton stepside has a 240-cid 6-cyl. with a 3-spd stick, No Power Nothin` a survivor non-restored original with 67-K miles a No Sale at auction as the $7-K reserve wasn't met
`67 FORD F-100
Wanna play? (Usurpadora)
Cute boy named Casper
Wanna play?
56th Annual Newport RI St. Patrick's Day Parade # 20 (RIWXPhoto)
56th Annual Newport RI St. Patrick's Day Parade # 20
54`Oldsmobile 88 (LugnutJK)
Rocket 88 Engine, Hydromatic great Paint!
54`Oldsmobile 88
Irish dogs (bearsmom)
At least for today they are.
Irish dogs
Train Series 3 (catilac)
Near the Boca Resevoir
Train Series 3
`36 Plymouth (LugnutJK)
Nice 340-V8 Powered Plymouth, w/ 727 auto trans. from the Big Car and custom show at Kansas Speedway
`36 Plymouth
Photographer at Car Show (LugnutJK)
At the annual Good-Guys's car show at Kansas Speedway @K.C. KS late summer `06
Photographer at Car Show
67`Ford Shelby GT-350 (LugnutJK)
Nice Shelby w/ 4-speed top loader and 289-V8 H.O.
67`Ford Shelby GT-350
In The Weeds (doogus51)
Nice old Studebaker pickup setting in the weeds ...
In The Weeds
Crawler Lightning This Evening (synthman19872003)
Sorry it's a little washed out.
Crawler Lightning This Evening
1928-Plymouth Roadster (LugnutJK)
One Rare Car a `28 Plymouth with a cross ram 440-V8 and 4-spd.
1928-Plymouth Roadster
`57-Chevy Cameo (LugnutJK)
This Pickup sported a fiberglass Bed from factory, had the 283-V8 power pack and this one has Power-steering and a Power-Glide tranny, rare options in a 57 1/2 ton truck
`57-Chevy Cameo
snow day (pollypoo)
Where's my snow shovel?
snow day
`59 Chevrolet El Camino (LugnutJK)
Chevy w/ 60` Mercury Park Lane Frt. Grill= "MERCAMINO" 348-V8 3-spd. fairly stock mechanicals but nice
`59 Chevrolet El Camino
`55 F-100 Ford (LugnutJK)
Restored 1/2 way original condition 272-V8 Y block, straight frt. axle, 3-on da` tree stick
`55 F-100 Ford
Tom Turkey strut (Bugmon)
Wild turkey displays for his hens
Tom Turkey strut
Oldie (ColoradoKat)
I have no idea what this is, but it sure looked cool when we stopped at the store. I'm sure some of you car fans will be more informed.
Yearling (ColoradoKat)
We must have seen 200 or more deer today on our drive. They were everywhere! Made my day!:-)
Front View. (pegpics)
A little Italian car at the hardware store.
Front View.
Parking Lot Dreams. (pegpics)
This little Italian car came to visit the hareware store where I work.
Parking Lot Dreams.
Our Flag (LugnutJK)
Our Flag
Signs of Spring (Kennebunker)
Soon it will be time for Cruisin', a popular pasttime here in Maine, with a different venue for the Cruise Ins almost every night of the week!
Signs of Spring
61`Chevrolet 409-V8 (LugnutJK)
425-Horsepower this Big block in 1961 was King at the Chevy Lot
61`Chevrolet 409-V8
Morning Hunt (LugnutJK)
With the Contrails all over the eastern sky a brisk morning with a temp of 39-degrees, Me the Dogs and a Friend are out on the ozark hills and meadows in search of quail or Pheasant neither showed up, but a Nice morning to look for them.
Morning Hunt
69`Ford Fairlane Coupe (LugnutJK)
nice Ford Coupe.. beautiful Paint Job
69`Ford Fairlane Coupe
Side View. (pegpics)
Parking Lot Dreams. Like the faux Polaroid from Picasa.
Side View.
Lefty (Bluesmaster)
A small enough treat to be held in one paw, lol.
My two little Sheltie puppies, Sunny and Piper, are now almost grown... will be 10 months old next week. Piper is a Sable and White or 'Lassie' type that is most commonly seen. She and Sunny are sisters from our litter of four born last June; their mother is genetically interesting and no puppies were the same color.
Awsome Matuss (LugnutJK)
Taken some 30-minutes after a Violent Thunderstorm struck our area with winds to 70-mph and hail the size of golfballs, I understand this is what happens as a thunderstorm dies or decays.
Awsome Matuss

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