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Tend and Befriend

By: BriarCraft , 12:08 AM GMT en Marzo 29, 2012

As regular visitors here know, I had total hip replacement surgery on March 15th. I'm doing fine and looking forward to being able to take walks again and to tend my garden without pain. Someday. But recovery from hip replacement takes time. Bones and tendons and muscles have to heal before I can bend and tote and stretch like I want. That's okay, because I can feel myself healing and getting stronger every day.

In the past month, I have learned -- or more accurately -- relearned that there is strength in friendship and value in humor. I was reminded that "cheerfulness and positive attitude are good medicine for a quicker recovery". While waiting for my surgery a nurse revealed that some people become so nervous and overwrought before surgery that they have to be sent home to come back already tranquilized another day. Anyone who denies feeling nervous before surgery is lying or drugged. But to feel so overwhelmed with nerves as to be sent home... How sad, I thought. Surely if such people had close family or friends or faith, they wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. And how lucky I am to have close family and a far-flung support network of friends in WUville.

There are plenty of essays and books on the subjects of friendship and humor and positive attitude. Below are a couple short essays that might be of interest to you.

The Healing Power of Friendship
By Lila Havens, Staff Writer, myOptumHealth.com

People who have strong social ties live longer and recover from illness faster than those who don't. Maybe friends are the best medicine.

Bob is divorced and lives by himself. He's also a loner. After a stressful day at work, he does what he usually does. He heads home, zaps a frozen dinner and kicks back in his recliner to watch TV.

Like Bob, Kiesha is divorced and lives alone. But when she has had a bad day at work, she doesn't go home to an empty house. Instead, she asks a friend to meet her at a neighborhood bistro. They have a glass of wine, talk about their lives and share a few laughs.

Both Bob and Kiesha found ways to relax after a trying day, but Bob's way of dealing with stress is riskier than Kiesha's. People who get a little help from their friends live longer and healthier lives than those who isolate themselves.

Health and social ties
A person who has friends has a better chance of staying healthy than someone who has no support system. Friendship seems to cut the risk of disease by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol. A person with strong social bonds who does get sick has a better chance of surviving a serious illness.

Why? It may be that people with solid support systems have stronger immune systems. Stress is known to wreak havoc on the body. Friendship may help defuse the effects of stress. It may also be partly because people with strong support systems tend to take better care of themselves. Friends may encourage each other to change unhealthy habits. They also help each other during illnesses and other difficult times.

Friendship confers both physical and mental health benefits. People with strong friendships tend to suffer less from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness. Older adults are less likely to develop dementia when they have satisfying relationships.

Recent research seems to show that friendship may help us live longer. In fact, friendship seems to offer greater health benefits than having a spouse or family.
*One study of older adults in Australia found that those who had lots of friends were 22 percent less likely to die during the 10 years of the study than people who had just a few friends.
*A large study of nurses with breast cancer found that those who didn't have close friends had four times the risk of dying from the disease as women who had a large circle of friends.

Strong evidence of the power of emotional attachment is a condition known as non-organic failure to thrive. It occurs in babies who are emotionally neglected - their physical needs may be taken care of, but they are not held, cuddled or spoken to. These babies don't grow properly, and they become listless, depressed and prone to illness. Many of them die before they are toddlers. The ones who survive develop long-term learning and behavior problems.

"Tend and befriend"
In times of severe stress, men typically have a "fight or flight" reaction. The body revs up, preparing either to do battle or to flee quickly. Women are more likely to seek emotional support in the face of danger. Researchers coined the term "tend and befriend" to describe this reaction.

This urge to create, maintain and rely on relationships during times of stress may explain why women outlive men. Since friendship seems to reduce disease risk and increase longevity, a conscious effort to "tend and befriend" might be the key to a longer, healthier life.


The Healing Power of Humor
By Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP

The Ojibway tribe recognized it. The Old Testament even references the healing properties of humor: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Although our ancestors couldn’t explain it scientifically, they knew intuitively that laughter was good for the body as well as the soul.

More recently Norman Cousins, in his book “Anatomy of an Illness,” describes how he cured himself of a debilitating disease through the use of humor. He reportedly watched old Marx Brothers movies and laughed uncontrollably. He believes his own laughter cured his disease. He subsequently lived a long and healthy life — well into his 80s!

Today we have a better understanding of how laughter affects human physiology. It:
*Reduces pain. Our bodies produce pain-killing hormones called endorphins in response to laughter.
*Strengthens immune function. A good belly laugh increases production of T-cells, interferon and immune proteins called globulins.
*Decreases stress. When under stress, we produce a hormone called cortisol. Laughter significantly lowers cortisol levels and returns the body to a more relaxed state.

The other good news is that humor has a positive impact on intellectual and emotional functioning. It:
*Helps put life’s trials and tribulations into healthy perspective by making them seem smaller.
*Aids us in overcoming fear.
*Allows us to take ourselves less seriously.
*Triggers our creativity.

As you can see, humor can be the curative our ancestors professed it to be. But how can you incorporate more laughter into your life, when you are already overwhelmed by daily demands? Won’t humor be just one more thing to add to your “to do” list?

Fortunately there are ways to bring levity into your life without adding extra pressure. Find one of the following methods that works for you:
-“Humor up” your work environment. Bring kids’ toys to work and keep them within reach. When you are stressed, take out a toy and play. That irate customer on the phone will have no idea that you are keeping your cool by playing with a Slinky. -Place funny pictures of friends and loved ones around your office, including ones of you when you were a ridiculous-looking kid.
-Create a humor file. Fill it with funny cartoons, sayings and jokes, as you run across them. When things are looking particularly grim, refer to your file. You’ll get a good laugh and be able to put things back in perspective in no time.
-Create sitcom situations. When you find yourself in a nerve-wracking situation (such as locking your keys in the car), think of how Groucho or Lucy would handle it.
-For recreation, do some of the things you did as a kid. Go to the zoo, an amusement park, bowling or swinging — the sky’s the limit! You’ll find that these activities completely take you away from all of that “heavy” stuff. And the escape will do wonders for your attitude.
-Exaggerate a stressful situation. Take your situation and make it even bigger than it is. You might think this will cause more stress; however, blowing the problem up will allow you to see the absurdity of it, and afford you a great belly laugh.

You have a choice: You can continue to be a “grown-up,” and let all of the frustrations and disappointments in life weigh you down, or you can introduce levity into even the toughest circumstances. If you “let a smile be your umbrella,” you are likely to enjoy each day to its fullest and spend less time at the doctor’s office.

The latest in orthopedic surgery

So while I watch my garden become overgrown with weeds, I'll pay special attention to the flowers that struggle through and ignore the rest for now. And I'll get my gardening fix on others' blogs and vicariously enjoy their flowers and veggies.

I won't be planting seeds this spring. Instead, I'll tend the friendship garden that thrives here in WUville. And since I'm not allowed to bend more than 90 degrees at the hip, maybe you wouldn't mind pulling just that one weed over there...?

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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92. sandiquiz
7:53 PM GMT en Abril 16, 2012
OOh, A "Travel with BC" blog to look forward to. :)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
91. BriarCraft
7:49 PM GMT en Abril 16, 2012
Rob: It certainly has been a great few days. All things considered and forgetting my impatience, I really am quite pleased with how things are progressing.

Bogon: I see from the links that blossoms are running about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Hopefully those strawberry fields didn't get zapped. I've read of apple orchards in other eastern states getting frost-nipped, too. I always feel sad for the farmers who have now lost vital income for the year.

Ylee: I did get out and had a great time. Thanks!

Pros: If a reflective day means you end by beating yourself up, it's time to get a new mirror. Even from this distance, I can tell your perception is skewed if you aren't seeing the beauty the rest of us see. GET A NEW MIRROR!!!

Ggrrl: I thought you might appreciate the flamingo-gnome wars and maybe even find some story-writing inspiration there. Hundreds of butterflies??? I've never seen hundreds anywhere except at a zoo exhibit. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics you took.

Sandi: No, I won't let success go to my head or hip. While I am getting more sure of myself and the right hip's ability to support me, I'm still obeying the rules.


I did have a great day yesterday. The sun came out a few times, but it was mostly covered by high clouds. The high temperature at home was 62F, but where we went, it reached 68F. I took 129 photos along the way and returned home 6 hours later, tired but happy. As soon as I can sort through those pics and enhance the brightness a bit (remember, it was a cloudy day), I'll tell you all about it in a new blog.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
90. sandiquiz
10:27 AM GMT en Abril 16, 2012
I managed to get on the riding mower without too much difficulty yesterday and mowed the area closest to the house. That took about 40 minutes, going slow as I was. There were a few minor aches later in the evening and I feel fine today. It was the high point of my week....

I am so pleased to be proved wrong!!

But don't let success go to your head... or hip! lol

I am back home for a few days, but ready to drop everything and head north if I am needed.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
89. GardenGrrl
9:45 AM GMT en Abril 16, 2012
Hi Briar, I absolutly laughed out loud, not lol'ed mind you but a good hardy hoot when I saw the pink flamingo war you posted in my blog.

Anyhow, will be putting up a new blog today. It's pictures from the butterfly party in my backyard. Spent about two hours watching hundreds of assorted butterfly types flit about my flowering bushes.

Brought the camera to avoid the urge to jump up and down and clap. Neighbors thin I'm strange enough as it is ;)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
88. Proserpina
2:01 PM GMT en Abril 15, 2012

Good morning Briar. Here is a pretty Columbine for you. Several times you have wondered if I use my flower photos as subject for a painting, well this photo is an example of one I might use for inspiration. Not too much going on in the composition of the photo but the colors and variations of hues are gorgeous (in my opinion)and I might be inspired to paint this Columbine.
Perhaps to use as a card for someone special. I love color and the way weaves itself in and out of a subject.

I hope that your Sunday is a good one. Mine is going to be reflective, which is not a good thing for me. I always end beating ME up! Take care.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
87. Ylee
6:15 AM GMT en Abril 15, 2012
Briar, I do hope you get a chance to go out and ride about and get some fresh air!

Take care!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
86. Bogon
2:09 AM GMT en Abril 15, 2012
Here's some followup news I promised for the freeze event earlier this week. Our newspaper says there have been few reports of crop damage (yet) in my area. Tonight my sister-in-law and her family came to visit, and they brought us a bucket of locally grown strawberries from a pick-it-yourself farm. The berries are delicious.

There are reports of damage to apple and peach orchards in the mountains. At higher altitude temperatures were lower, and spring greening has not progressed as far.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
85. RobDaHood
8:47 PM GMT en Abril 14, 2012

(yeah, I really just typed that)

You got out and mowed!
I'm so happy that you had a good day, even if there were a few aches along the way. The Antipasto wraps sound great, as does getting out of the house for a drive.

You might well be the next poster girl for hip replacement.
Very pleased!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
84. BriarCraft
8:26 PM GMT en Abril 14, 2012
Rob: You're right that the Ark has a great crew, but the fact remains, it's your blog, your Ark. You built it and you set the tone for the interactions that take place there. My blog certainly has taken on a life of its own and I love the way it has turned out, but I must have done something along the way to attract this great bunch of people. The same is true on your blog. The moral of the story is this: when somebody says you did good, don't try to divert attention elsewhere, accept the praise and feel good about it.

Gamma: It just seemed the right thing to do because GG was so enthusiastic about her revived garden and was planning to move a pink plastic flamingo to a better location. Now she'll probably pull a pixie out of her sleeve to win back her garden from the gnomes.

In case anyone is wondering, here's what I posted on GardenGrrl's blog:

Recovery update:
I managed to get on the riding mower without too much difficulty yesterday and mowed the area closest to the house. That took about 40 minutes, going slow as I was. There were a few minor aches later in the evening and I feel fine today. It was the high point of my week.

Gotta go do a bit of sprucing up around the house for game night tonight. I found an interesting idea for a munchie for the gamesters that I'll throw together -- Antipasto Wraps. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy and 66F, so I think I'll get DH to take me for a drive somewhere. Have a good weekend, all!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
83. seflagamma
11:48 AM GMT en Abril 14, 2012
Good morning BC,

I was just over at GG's and saw the poster you left there of the Flamingos (#31 comment)

That is too funny!!!!
I am a big fan of the Plastic Pink Flamingos!!!
hate to see the little trolly gnomes won the battle there !! LOL

Nice to get a grin early on a Saturday work morning!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
82. RobDaHood
10:49 PM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
Thanks BC!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I can't take credit for the blog. "The Ark" has been blessed with a great crew!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
81. BriarCraft
7:53 PM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
WTS: O-o-o-oh my-y-y-y!!! I've never seen that many hummers so close together (and your camera must have a really, really fast shutter speed!). We do get that many, but on 3 widely spaced feeders. The Rufus Hummingbirds common in my neighborhood are very aggressive. They scold and strafe and even have mid-air crashes. I sometimes wonder if they don't expend more calories fighting than they get from the nectar.

Rob: I am amazed that your basil overwintered. Don't know anything about ginger, but I tried to overwinter some basil in a pot under grow lights and it still refused to live more than 6 months of age.

Bogon: Crazy weather, indeed, with an overnight low of 60 for you at this time of year. And 86 is a might toasty for any azaleas that might be lingering in your neighborhood. That goes beyond any and all theories.

Pros: I love mother hens, but not to worry. I am acutely conscious of the perils of overdoing it. On the other hand, it is spring. I can't resist getting out to do something, so I'm looking for the easiest and safest of things to do.

Ylee: Absolutely no push mowers or weedwhackers in my future for many months.

WTS: Snow. Anywhere in southern Cal. Mid-April. Frost maybe. But snow??? Talk about crazy weather.

Sandi: Those sheep would be just the ticket. Actually, I did ask the Dr. about using a riding mower when I had the staples out a couple of weeks ago. He said it would be okay if I could get on and off without breaking the range-of-motion rules. I think I can.


I ran across this link on RobDaHood's blog. If you follow the link, you'll find a 6:30 video that demonstrates the healing power of music. It seems apparent now that, in addition to friendship and humor, music also has tremendous healing powers.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of Rob, if you're an abused, over-worked, and/or under-appreciated husband/laborer... Or if you know such a man... You might want to take a gander at comment #30 in Rob's blog.

//end of Rob plug
(sorry, but I just couldn't resist passing these two gems along)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
80. sandiquiz
5:53 AM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
I think it might be possible for me to operate the riding mower, if I take it slow to minimize the bumps and dips.

I wouldn't think that was a good idea for a couple of months or so, until all the ligaments tighten and begin to hold things together again .....
Gentle pottering on an even keel, which does not involve bending, seems to be the order of the day, so I am told.

I'll lend you a couple of sheep from my blog ... they will keep your grass short! lol

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
79. WatchinTheSky
4:02 AM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
Should be snow on that tree in Julian by tomorrow, maybe that's why it was waiting!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
78. Ylee
3:09 AM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
Hi, Briar! My gut says that operating a push mower is a no-no for you at the moment. I'd definitely run that past the DR. or PT before tackling that!

We had a decent frost last night; a few clematis got bit, as well as a few leaves, but nothing serious, thank goodness! Maybe next week I can get busy on the garden!

Take care!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
77. Proserpina
1:12 AM GMT en Abril 13, 2012
Hi, glad that you are feeling pretty good, but do not overdo it please. Just because you are feeling good does not mean that you are ok to start doing tons of activities, you do not want any kind of relapse. I am talking from experience, I hate being inactive due to health reasons and I rush things, then I pay the price. Rest, rest, rest, take naps, and do only the lightest of chores. Yes, I am a mother hen! Take care.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
76. Bogon
11:49 PM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
FYI, the weather station at the local airport reported 32° at dawn this morning. Every other hourly update during the night was above freezing. The temperature rose rapidly with the sun. By 8:00 AM the mercury was rising past 38°.

Area vegetation looks unharmed. I lugged several potted plants into the garage overnight. This morning I schlepped them all back outside.

Today was sunny and bright. This evening was warm enough for us to enjoy sitting on our deck in shirtsleeves. The forecast low tonight is 35°.

Looks pretty good for my tree theory. The local paper reported the freeze warning as a concern for agricultural interests. Thanks to the warm winter farmers have vulnerable crops growing ahead of schedule. Hopefully there'll be a followup report tomorrow, and we can find out whether any precocious crops were damaged.

Crazy weather. According to NWS, the high Monday will be 86°. The low listed for Tuesday morning is 60°.
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75. RobDaHood
11:28 PM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
Quoting BriarCraft:
Gamma: I've noticed how warm/hot the SE and especially Florida have been. It's definitely too late for you to plant cool weather crops. Thankfully, most herbs are quite hardy and can withstand heat as well as freezing cold.

Here is some weather/garden strangeness for ya!

I have basil that is over a year old and ginger that did not all die back this winter.


And yep!
Gonna have to put Angie on the mower this weekend!
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74. WatchinTheSky
11:22 PM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
Hi BC, thanks for checking out the photos! Your comment about the hummers is often right, but there seems to be communal areas where everyone shares. You may have seen this photo before, it's from a year or two ago.

Definitely, no need for red dye!

Here comes the rain??
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
73. BriarCraft
9:41 PM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
Gamma: I've noticed how warm/hot the SE and especially Florida have been. It's definitely too late for you to plant cool weather crops. Thankfully, most herbs are quite hardy and can withstand heat as well as freezing cold.

WTS: It looks like the entire west coast is going to get wet over the next couple of days, but you'll appreciate it a whole lot more than I will.

BFH: I don't think hummers really care much for red food coloring. If you want to try making your own, the recipe for hummingbird nectar is: 1 cup water + 1/4 cup granulated white sugar. Stir well, microwave for a minute or two, just until it starts to boil. Stir again to make sure all sugar is dissolved and let cool. The nectar should be good for 5-7 days, but watch for cloudiness in the nectar or black mildew around the feeding tube. I hope they come back for you!

Sandi: Don't you love the smell of new-mowed grass? With fertilizer and rain, I'll bet yours is growing like crazy now. The grass here is 8 to 10 inches high in some places and really needs mowing. I'm hoping it dries out enough to do some mowing next week. I think it might be possible for me to operate the riding mower, if I take it slow to minimize the bumps and dips.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
72. sandiquiz
2:28 PM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
Seeing your image of the lawnmower in the boot - (trunk) I suddenly remembered I want to cut my lawn before the weekend ...I have a company come four times a year to feed and weed the grass. They came just over a week ago to put down the spring feed - then it rained!! As you can imagine it is now nearly 4 inches high, so I must get it cut!

Hope you have a lovely weekend - {{thank you}}

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
71. BFH
4:28 AM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
For the first "nectar" fill I tried an instant nectar powdered mix. The hummer tried it once, came back once. Then didn't come back, to the best of my knowledge. I may have to start making simple syrup...
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
70. WatchinTheSky
3:59 AM GMT en Abril 12, 2012
Hey BC! Positive sign that you are out gardening, getting tired quick seems to be part of the deal. Just have to slowly work back into the routine (says my neighbor, now back to full steam).

Getting some rain here, just amazing! Maybe a little more Friday..

BFH - Watch out, it can be addicting (hummingbirds!)
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69. seflagamma
8:39 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Hello BC,

I have just read back and I tell you, Comcast sucks. I had it and when it is working it is super fast, but here in Florida it is "down" all the time.

I used it for my computer about 1 year and it was so frustrating. I went to AT&T probably around 5-6 yrs ago.. they are slower but much more reliable.

I have to use comcast for my cable tv, it is about our only choice...
You are right, NO ONE has ever been satisfied with Comcast...

But besides my rant on Comcast... Sounds like you are making improvements every day.

I need to clean up my veggie/herb garden; we really are way to warm now for "winter/cool weather" crops.. I don't know if I will even try to put in some hot weather veggies this summer.. not sure I will have the time to tend them. But I will keep my herbs going.

Take care!!!
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
68. BriarCraft
7:52 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Rob: If I had any serious concerns, I would bug the Dr. I paid him a flat fee that covers everything for 3 months after the surgery. Still, I try not to bug anybody unless I really need to -- I don't want to be the one who cried wolf too many times, or the old fuss-budget either.

Bogon: I find that your theories typically are valid and well-thought-out. You may be on to something. Certainly, trees help to reduce wind and modify weather patterns. I've read that rain forest regions become arid when the trees are clear-cut over a large enough area. There's certainly a lot more going on with trees than meets the eye. I'll be watching for the results of tonight's theory test.

BFH: Now you'll need to be on the look-out for sales on sugar! 1 or 2 hummers show up here every year around March 15. By April 1, that number has increased to a dozen or more. I now have 2 feeders out and before the end of April, it will be 3. I draw the line there. In May, I'll be refilling those 3 feeders daily while the hummers feed their babies. In early June, I'll be back to 1 or 2 feeders and refilling maybe twice a week. I never get tired of watching the little fellows, and sometimes sit very still on the deck, just a few feet away. Happy time wasting!

Skye: With your current weather, I would imagine that foot-high corn is growing so fast you can probably see it happening. I would think your corn would have at least another 6 weeks of good growing conditions yet, wouldn't it? That may be enough. I hope your Everglade Tomato works out for you. Home grown tomatoes are what gardening is all about.

Karen: Everybody I know who has Comcast has nothing nice to say about them. When in the San Diego area, I had Time Warner and Cox and had no trouble with either and they almost always ran circles around others' DSL speeds. Here, there is no cable service at all, so it's DSL or satellite and I've heard satellite isn't much better than dial-up. I used to be up on all the tech-talk, but the last 10 years, I haven't had to. For me, if virus scan, registry scan, or power switch don't solve the problem, it's time to call in somebody who knows what they're doing. I find that much less frustrating. ;-)


I haven't added any humor for awhile, so here goes. Changing oil and pumping up tires on the riding mower yesterday got me to thinking about lawn mowing season and how some folks might not be too handy with mower maintenance.

Makes me wonder how they got it loaded to take to the repair shop...

You can find several other fun lawn mower solutions at ThereIFixedIt
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
67. SBKaren
5:28 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
5. SBKaren
Cable is considered broadband. Around here, since so many of us can't get DSL, we often say that DSL is broadband and cable is cable, just so we know what kind of service we have.....LOL

The box that connects your computers to the internet is a router, which is basically a smart switch.
(don't wanna get all techy on you) The folks at my tech department at work switch back from router to switch, and they do confuse me all the time. Let's pick one word and stick with it! We do have, what they refer to as switches, where we plug in multiple devices for an Internet connection - computers, network printers, laptops. I appreciate you getting techy on me because I always want to learn! I always refer to the device that my computer is plugged into as my modem (the cable wire comes from the wall, to the modem, out to my wireless switch), but then I have my computer plugged into that, so I can get wireless on my laptop in another room.

Anyway, reboot the pc/reboot the router is standard proceedure.

Glad you got it sorted.

Of course, sometimes the problem is with the cable/dsl provider's routing equipment...which is more problematic. But...sometimes rebooting your router will connect with a network node that has less load on it. Usually I can tell if it's on their side as all the lights aren't on. I've read on here that a lot of people have Comcast and have lots of trouble. We are with Time Warner, and I must say I have very few issues. Of course, I'm not on my computer an awful lot at home, so if I worked from my computer and were on more, I might have a different story to tell.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
66. Skyepony (Mod)
5:26 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Nice to see you out & about. Even if it is the easy stuff between naps.

Ate all the corn already. I've got some about a foot high that I hope puts out before it gets too hot. I went heavy on the okra & watermelon, figuring the warm trend would continue. That I'll be transplanting out into the garden this week I hope, along with other stuff. Trying to eat up cabbage & broccoli to make room. DocRod sent me some FL Everglade Tomato seed that came right up. Suppose to bear through summer like so few here do.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
65. BFH
5:22 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Yesterday, a hummingbird appeared right outside my window. Really close to the pane. So being the kind of person I am, while I was out yesterday, I bought a hummingbird feeder. This morning at about 0715, local, I hung it out. About an hour and a half later I saw my actions validated as the hummer returned, this time to feed. Right outside the window, less than 4' from where I sit at my desk. I think I may have established a "time waster" for myself...

BTW - A drippy day here. Too heavy to be called mist, not heavy enough to be what I call rain. Just the kind that would soak in nicely, IF the ground wasn't already saturated.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
64. Bogon
12:58 PM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Hmm, indeed. The trees deserve credit for being able to sense when it is safe to bud out, so one could argue that it's all a matter of timing. Which is cause, and which is effect?

I call this my theory because it is based on personal observation. I don't have a lot of data or calculations to back it up. It just seems to me that, once the trees open up and begin to photosynthesize again, the risk of frost declines abruptly. It can (and does) frost early on, while the maples are setting seed and leaf buds are just starting to open. After the process has proceeded to a state of near completion (as it has done here) frost is less likely.

This theory will get a good test tonight. The local Weather Service predicts that urban areas should remain above freezing, but out in the country temperatures may drop into the twenties. Results will depend on how far north of here the greening has reached and on how fast the cold air moves across that area.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
63. RobDaHood
12:10 AM GMT en Abril 11, 2012
Hey, if you have ANY problems or questions, do not hesitate to call the Dr. You paid a lot of good money for this surgery. You are entitled to bug them!

Have a great night!

PS: Cable speeds can be great, but cable is shared by all subscribers on your node. Depends on how many teenagers are on it, how many are watching streaming vid, etc. If you have a bunch of 80 year old ladies on you're node you are golden.

DSL is a dedicated line to the central switch. Mileage may vary depending upon how overloaded your carrier may be.

Which is the best depends upon your location and options.
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62. BriarCraft
11:55 PM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Poppy: I do hope your iris buds don't become mush. Based on my own experience here, I think iris buds can survive at least down to 28F. They might survive lower than that if covered in ice. I've even managed to save tender basil from a 27F freeze by watering them enough to build up at least 1/8 inch of ice all around. If it does threaten to get that cold, you might want to break out a sprinkler or leaky hose.

Rob: Thanks for the info about your mother's experience. I figured that was it, but confirmation is always reassuring.

Karen: You're lucky to have cable broadband. In my experience, it's faster and more reliable than DSL. Unfortunately, I have a flaky rural DSL through a local phone company: Toledo Telephone (that's really local). What Rob mentioned in #58 about connecting to a different network node may also explain why rebooting the router has helped me.

Pros: I'm doing great. I've been outside the last two days -- repotted some tomato starts, kept ramp from sliding while DH loaded rototillers into pickup, handed tools to DH while he changed the oil in the riding mower. Nothing strenuous, but nice to be outside. I've also resumed cooking, feeding cats, and doing the dishes. Still get tired amazingly easy, so napping always follows little accomplishments, but that's okay.

Bogon: You're wrong. I do enjoy hearing about the weather and how it affects WUfriends and their flowers/plants. Just looking at forecasts may be boring, but when it gets personalized, all of a sudden I'm interested. I like your observation/theory about green trees metabolizing/transpiring to affect temperatures. I never thought about that before. You're right that the cool waters of the Pacific (currently 50F) are the major weather modifier here: it prevents temperature extremes most of the time. More than half the trees here are evergreen conifers, but they do go semi-dormant in winter, so not sure how much impact they have on temperatures. Deciduous trees are just starting to leaf out now and we'll have frost danger for another month yet -- coincidentally about the time the last of the trees are fully green. Hmmmm.
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61. Bogon
9:20 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Re: 57

BriarCraft, I don't expect you're totally interested in my weather 2000 miles away in the Southeast. I was trying to explain a theory of mine about modification of air masses.

In the winter, when a cold front comes south, it finds easy going as long as there is snow on the ground beneath it. It has a harder time maintaining its cool if it moves across water or warm earth.

Sometimes in midwinter there is snow cover all across the Midwest, the Great Lakes are frozen, and cold fronts can deliver single digit or even subzero temperatures deep into the South. This year there was hardly any snow south of, say, Chicago. We had record-setting warmth, and only the worst cold fronts brought overnight frost.

My point in comment 57 is that springtime takes it up a notch. When the trees wake up, they are capable of modifying their environment. They make it that much harder for a cold wave to stay frosty.

Of course, that only works in parts of the country that are forested. It won't make much difference to Calpoppy out in the desert. And it won't work in places where the trees have been cut.

In your location near Toledo, the Pacific Ocean is the greatest modifying influence. Obviously that water must still be pretty cold, because there's still snow coming your way. When the leaves emerge in your area, the forests can only affect your weather over the last fifty miles or so. Is that enough to tell a difference?
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60. Bogon
8:06 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Re: 59

Hey, Rob. For the record, the handle is Bōgon (with a long o), so if you want to shorten it, the diminutive version should come out something like ‘Bogey’.

I hear it's been dry down in Florida lately. Got enough water to float the Ark?
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59. RobDaHood
12:53 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
57. Bogon

Hey Boggy!

I must really try to get by your blog tomorrow and at least say "Hi"

Sorry. been preoccupied and not getting around much the last couple weeks.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
58. RobDaHood
12:50 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
55. SBKaren
Cable is considered broadband.
The box that connects your computers to the internet is a router, which is basically a smart switch.
(don't wanna get all techy on you)

Anyway, reboot the pc/reboot the router is standard proceedure.

Glad you got it sorted.

Of course, sometimes the problem is with the cable/dsl provider's routing equipment...which is more problematic. But...sometimes rebooting your router will connect with a network node that has less load on it.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
57. Bogon
12:48 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Today's forecast for the mountain area where my mother lives calls for 25° Wednesday night. If that prediction comes to pass, there is a good chance that some of Mom's plants and trees will suffer damage.

Down at my house the forecast low that night is 31°. Most outdoor plants can take that in stride. I'm thinking that there will be some local variability in that prediction, which is likely to favor our suburban location. But the main reason I'm not too worried is that the trees have all hatched. Once the trees start metabolizing and transpiring, it takes one heck of a cold shot to drop temperatures much below freezing. I don't know whether the weather models take that into account. If they don't, their prediction is going to err on the low side.
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56. Proserpina
12:48 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Briar, how is your recovery coming along? Have you started physical therapy yet? I hope all is well.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
55. SBKaren
12:41 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Karen: I've learned that when so-called broadband connection gets particularly cantankerous, turning the router off and back on to reset it often solves the problem. I'll be by to check out your funny store right away!

You know, you are right! I should have tried that! I was on my laptop which is wireless, but I have the router in my office. I should have reset it.

When I have a computer issue at work the absolute first question the tech department asks me is: did you reboot the computer? Did you reboot the switch? Funny how I never apply it to my own house! LOL

We don't have broadband, we have cable. Our choices are cable or dial up ...... well, we really don't have a choice now do we????
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54. RobDaHood
12:33 AM GMT en Abril 10, 2012
Kinda took a long weekend off with little blogging except to reply on my own.

Good to see that you got out of the house. You are making really great progress. No, I've not had a joint replacement yet, but have seen several with relatives and friends. You are doing great. My mother had to deal with the spine realignment thing. Suddenly her good hip became her bad hip. This will pass. Your body has been compensating for the bad joint for a long time.

Anyway. Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Really happy to read how things are going for you. It'll be shiny.
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53. calpoppy
9:35 PM GMT en Abril 09, 2012
Hi Briar, just checking in to see how you are feeling! Your weather sticker shows 66 degrees, that is a nice change! We have rain headed our way, YEA! I sure hope no snow, which is a real change because I almost always hope for snow. But my iris are all budded up nicely and last year in April we got a wicked freeze down to 18 degrees. Made mush of my Iris buds!! Fridays storm does show snow at 4000' and I am at 4200'. As long as it doesn't get much under freezing I think everything will be alright.

I got tons of blueberries that have set in my greenhouse. And my alpine strawberries have re-seeded so I have plenty of those coming along. At least inside the greenhouse will be safe.

Take care Briar!!
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52. BriarCraft
7:52 PM GMT en Abril 09, 2012
Ggrrl: Cadbury Egg... mmmmmm... Only 1? Really??

Karen: I've learned that when so-called broadband connection gets particularly cantankerous, turning the router off and back on to reset it often solves the problem. I'll be by to check out your funny store right away!

Ylee: That may be an old joke, but it's also very true. Pain exists for a reason: to let us know not to do certain things that aren't good for us. It certainly doesn't fail to remind me when I start to do something I shouldn't.

Mass: Good to see you! I hope your personal matters at home have turned out okay and that all is well with you. I think there is always the temptation to push things a bit when you start feeling good. Painful twinges are a good reminder. Fear of a dislocation and another surgery to repair the resultant damage provides an excellent incentive to behave. End result: I'm finally being forced to learn patience, proving even an old gal can learn new skills. ;-)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
51. masshysteria
7:22 PM GMT en Abril 09, 2012
Oh my gosh, Briar, these past few months, I've been so consumed with personal matters at home, with little time to post or go online, that I had no idea of your recent hip replacement surgery on March 15th! Understandably, you've had a lot to endure these past few weeks (and probably years) and hope that your recent operation has been deemed a complete success after your full recuperation period is finally done.

I had major surgery over two decades ago for something completely different and it took me a full month to totally recuperate. Believe me, I know how cabin fever can set in after a couple of weeks of just lying around, but don't succumb to it too soon, the way I did, and think that it's okay to defy doctor's orders by being out and about too soon. It can create quite the miserable setback.

We all hope that you're able to give yourself the time required to feel fully restored and back in the pink! Yes, indeedy, it really does uplift one's spirit to be able to count on those close family members and/or friends for needed support or a distractive chuckle during very difficult times.
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50. Ylee
6:50 PM GMT en Abril 09, 2012
Nothing like pain to keep a person in line, Briar! Reminds me of this old joke:

Doc: So what's the problem?

Patient: It hurts when I bend my arm this way!

Doc: I have the solution for what ails you!

Patient: What is it, Doc? Can't wait to be pain-free again!

Doc: Don't bend your arm that way! :)

Hope you're having a good day!
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49. SBKaren
2:46 AM GMT en Abril 09, 2012
Hey Briar - glad to read that thing are progressing! I've been here for about an hour and a half trying to 'catch up'. My computer was running like in 'dial up' days, then all of a sudden my screen went blue, it gave me a rather long message, and then restarted. I ran a scan but nothing showed, but we're flying now. Hmmmmm, maybe I best not know.

I have a funny story in my blog. When you get a chance, go read it, but be sure to start at the top.

I'm on spring break this week, so I hope to be around ore and do more catching up. I miss my WU friends!
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48. GardenGrrl
10:19 PM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
Grocery Shopping! It's the little things that mean so much. Heck, grocery shopping is my favorite "chore".
Tomorrow is national half price chocolate day. I am going for a Cadbury egg.

Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
47. BriarCraft
7:17 PM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
Gamma: I've never been particularly good at following the rules, but I am motivated this time. Thoughts of dislocation are scary.

Skye: I'm one of those who is perfectly content not to leave home for weeks at a time. Until I can't. Then I really want to. ;)

Lovely graphics, Pros, Jus, Sandi. And I know you made them from your own photos.

Spathy: I've had a bad back for 40 years and I've got quite a repertoire of stretches and muscle-strengthening exercises I could do, except for the range of motion restrictions. Not even allowed a soak in the tub yet, and I know the whirlpool jets would help. I'll relay Doc Spathy's orders!

BFH: So you have the same problem remembering range of motion as me? I would think by now, you're at least allowed a wider range of motion than you were at first. I was so accustomed to doing exercises most days just to get the old arthritic hip moving, that PT isn't a problem -- just a different set of exercises.
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
46. BFH
3:24 PM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
BC, The day you described sounds like mine except that mine started with fog. I didn't go shopping either. You are right though, getting out and about after being confined is great.

Sounds like you are progressing faster than what I did. I think, perhaps, being home, like you are, instead of being in a nursing facility, has helped. In retrospect, I think going home is better, IF the support system is there, the home is "invalid friendly" and one is comfortable with it. My situation would not have permitted, though.

Your observation that it is getting harder to "obey the rules" about range of motion is spot on. That part is, perhaps, the hardest for me... No, the hardest part, for me, is continuing to do the PT when I am feeling "almost normal" and pain free, 10 months after surgery.

Speaking of PT, it's time.

Wishing you "Happy Easter". May you be surrounded by the love of those nearest and dearest...
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
44. sandiquiz
7:22 AM GMT en Abril 08, 2012

Easter Prayer

May all happiness be yours,
Your troubles fade away,
And only gladness reign within
Your heart, this Easter Day.


Glad you had an outing, but stuck to the rules.... there will be time enough to go pushing a trolly around a supermarket later in the year:)
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
43. juslivn
4:07 AM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
Member Since: Diciembre 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
42. Skyepony (Mod)
3:54 AM GMT en Abril 08, 2012
Nice to see you got out.

Happy Easter!
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