By: weatherduck, 7:23 PM GMT en Diciembre 23, 2008

Here's a neat Graphic produced by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, excerpt from the IEM: "The featured Gantt Chart is of NWS issued winter weather products for the previous week for Story County. The bars represent the duration of the product between issuance and expiration. The weekend saw the worst winter weather with a blizzard warning and then a wind chill warning issued. The active winter pattern continues this week." You can view the IEM Here We just can't see...

Updated: 7:38 PM GMT en Diciembre 23, 2008

Ice Storm

By: weatherduck, 9:48 PM GMT en Diciembre 18, 2008's been so long since my last post as I just looked back at it. How ironic that my last post was about an ice storm. Here we are again December 18th of 2008 and we are dealing with it again. The storm has yet to begin in Iowa but you wouldn't know that if you looked at any of the National Weather Services websites in the Midwest. With Ice Storm and Winter Storm Warnings posted all over. Many other lesser advisories surrounds the Warnings. Over a foot ...

Round 1 Last Weekend...Here Comes Round 2

By: weatherduck, 6:19 PM GMT en Marzo 01, 2007

Well after not having electricty for days it's back on...for how long now is the question. Currently at last report nearly 50,000 homes are still without power. Many since Friday or Saturday of last week. At the height of the storm over the weekend the state of Iowa was up to nearly 300,000 homes without power. Luckily we've had good weather since then and power crews have made a huge turnaround.On a negative note death toll from this storm is up to 3 at last re...

Updated: 6:33 PM GMT en Marzo 01, 2007

Snow Tonight But Big Warmup Forecasted

By: weatherduck, 9:58 PM GMT en Febrero 16, 2007

Another clipper is on it's way down from Canada and forecasted to dump another 2 to as much as 5 inches over parts of Iowa tonight. Some parts of Iowa currently have over a foot of snow on the ground and are adding to it as I write this. Most of the state is under a Snow And Blowing Snow Advisory untill 6am Saturday.Early next week tempatures will begin to moderate and return to a somewhat more normal temperature for this time of the year. One of the main factors...

New Photos

By: weatherduck, 9:04 AM GMT en Agosto 23, 2006

I've uploaded some new pictures, be sure to check them out, some are brand new a few others are from earlier this summer. If I get time one of these days I'll upload a lot more of my other, better, work. Keep rating my photos and keep the comments coming!Dan

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