oops spiders web on ml-d

By: vis0 , 2:56 AM GMT en Mayo 16, 2012

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To show why doing experiments from ones home causes problems.

Left the Apt. Saturday May 12th now came back today and checked the ml-d it had a tiny spider 's web attached to it. removed it ~9:20-9:40pm now watch the storms build up just a bit around nyc to the ml-d's AOI simply cause i cleaned the ml-d WITHOUT MOVING IT.  going to add other examples in a few minutes.

here a few more examples of how creatures react to this ml-d.

The most creature i get that are attracted are spiders if i don't pay close attention the ml-d will attract a spider (specially pregnant) within 3 weeks when its settings are  near/at or above #2.3. Roaches (some might add, "ill") too.

As to animals (remember i live in a 19 story tan coloured bricks building i nyc). Now since 1980 i've counted over 10 woodpeckers pecking, 3 bats, 17 grasshoppers, seagulls flying at about 100ft above 2nd ave, dozens of multi coloured birds i see no where else in nyc (though their nest was on a building at 28th & 1st just torn down - 'ol dentist building) it tells me the ml-d must be taping into something that animals are attracted to and many of these appear to be pregnant including tiny baby pigeons. My theory is in the exchange i state is occurring via a form of ethereal static to these animals / creatures "instincts" they thinks its like a waterfall is near by the ml-d. Their outside activity is right at the right angles to the wherever i place the ml-d. 9in the 199s placed a tiny ant farm, and the ants took bits of butter i placed in it and built a cross-like thing right at the ml-d's right angles to the ant farm's ml-d facing plastic wall, weird but its nature responding to this energy flow.

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