Climate Change and Man's Contributions: Evidence? When will enough be enough?

By: daddyjames, 9:36 PM GMT en Septiembre 06, 2013

I posted this on Dr. JM's blog, and am genuinely interested in responses.

Essentially there are two groups in regards to man's contribution to climate change, otherwise called Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming.

Those that are convinced by the evidence.

Those that remain unconvinced by the evidence. This would include those that do not necessarily argue against AGW theory.

My questions to those that remain unconvince...

Climate Change Politics

Updated: 1:29 AM GMT en Septiembre 07, 2013

What is up with that?

By: daddyjames, 2:32 AM GMT en Junio 25, 2013

This is a response I posted to Anthony Watts "blog" Watts up with That


White House deletes factual Tweet about presidential hurricanes

In it, he erroneously claims that his tweet - comparing hurricane activity during Barack Obama's term in office with hurricane activity during Glover Cleveland's two (non-consecutive) terms in office - was deleted.

Meant as a critique of Obama's pronouncement about "Climate Ch...

Climate Change Politics

Updated: 2:36 AM GMT en Junio 25, 2013

Independent Climate Change Study Just Released

By: daddyjames, 2:10 PM GMT en Octubre 21, 2011

For anyone interested, a new study has come out regarding a topic near and dear to our hearts - well at least it tends to stir quite a number of passionate responses.The group conducting this study are independent of previous groups, and were funded by organizations that have done their best to "discredit" the previous studies.I encourage everyone to read over the material, and come to your own conclusions.BBC article describing the study:LinkWebsite, data, and pape...

Updated: 2:11 PM GMT en Octubre 21, 2011

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