Majestic Mountains

By: Ylee, 5:25 AM GMT en Mayo 24, 2015

I have always been fascinated by mountains; unfortunately, the fartherest west I have been has been Dallas. The Smokies are nice, but Clingman's Dome and the ilk are not that impressive, especially compared to the granite behemoths of the West, and other places!

When the National Park Service started putting webcams on their websites, I was thrilled! Now I could see mountains live, when I wanted. Over time,...

Updated: 5:32 AM GMT en Mayo 24, 2015

Thematically Challenged - Chapter 9 is up!

By: Ylee, 2:52 AM GMT en Abril 29, 2015

Windows to the World

Thematically challenged: that's a fancy way of saying not finding a pattern, or a special cam I'd like to lead the blog with. I'm not saying this is a weak lineup of cams; on the contrary, there's a good mix of fine cams, IMO, here. Just nothing that has enough background that warrants devoting an entire blog header to it! Oh, I could do a blog on Place Stanislaus, or Lysefjord, Norway, or Seoul Pl...


Updated: 1:52 PM GMT en Mayo 20, 2015

A Touch of Spring!

By: Ylee, 6:39 AM GMT en Abril 06, 2015

Spring is finally starting to make itself known around here; daffodils are blooming everywhere, ornamental pears, redbuds, and forsythia are starting to bloom, not to mention the croaking of frogs, and the bugs they eat! Spring is showing up slowly on the cams, too; Mammoth Cave's Green River cam, long a harbinger of spring on this blog, has nothing to offer but bare branches so far, and the Blumental cam i...


Updated: 5:43 PM GMT en Abril 24, 2015

Yangshuo! - Chapter 8 is up!

By: Ylee, 11:14 AM GMT en Marzo 12, 2015

Yangshuo County is one of the most easily recognized areas of China. The distinct Karst mountains, with the winding Li River, beckon travelers from around the world to climb the steep-faced cliffs and spelunk in deep caves. Unlike many areas of China, pollution is limited, with even the streets getting a daily cleaning(I have seen this myself!).

Yangshuo town is also known for the man...


Updated: 10:59 AM GMT en Marzo 20, 2015

Life's a Beach

By: Ylee, 9:44 AM GMT en Febrero 17, 2015

Nothing like getting dumped on by nine inches of snow to make a person dream of warmer times and places! I can't get the summer, or even spring, to get here any sooner, and I don't have the wherewithal to travel someplace warmer, so I'll have to stick to my old standby, beach cams! :' )

From the Shangri-La Hotel, the Explore Santa Monica Beach cam!

Ustream Link


Updated: 7:56 AM GMT en Febrero 24, 2015

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