December 3rd - 70 degrees - WORST DECEMBER 3RD EVER

By: HeavySnow, 7:34 PM GMT en Diciembre 03, 2012

Need I say more. I love shorts weather but not in December. Go away warmth. Come back in April.

Who's responsible for mis-placing WINTER?

By: HeavySnow, 5:46 PM GMT en Diciembre 22, 2011

Whoever did this, we're offering amnesty to you. We'll all look away as you put winter back, no repercussions. If it's too heavy and you need help lifting it, let us know.

Ugliest Igloo EVER - SNOWTOPIA -

By: HeavySnow, 9:03 PM GMT en Febrero 20, 2010

Well, my Eskimold(little trademark thingy) was successful in most ways. The only failure was my failure to have another adult nut willing to stay out in the snow long enough to help me build the igloo. So higher and higher it went until my igloo/teepee/chimney stack was complete. All the other snowfreaks were trapped at their homes too. What an incredible winter I've had so far here in Northern Virginia. 83 inches of snow this season and counting.Listen to me p...

Updated: 11:12 PM GMT en Febrero 20, 2010


By: HeavySnow, 12:58 PM GMT en Diciembre 22, 2009

That's right, I did it again but on a much grander scale.Thank you 22 inches of snow! So apparently I am an eskimo after all. HeavySnow likey heavy snow a lot. I want more please. Happy New Year to all!MORE SNOW NOW!!!

Updated: 3:53 PM GMT en Enero 02, 2010


By: HeavySnow, 7:17 PM GMT en Enero 31, 2009

I just need enough snow to build a darn igloo is that asking too much?The stinkin' snow drought in my neck of the woods rolls on unabated. 1 3 inch snow doesn't cut it, it's a start, but come on now!The igloo was 2 years ago and was made from 5 inches of sleet.Palmyra's got my sleet pipe!

Updated: 7:21 PM GMT en Enero 31, 2009

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